Am I wasting my time trying to sell on ebay?

  1. Hi guys,
    So I think I might be wasting my time trying to sell this Luella bag of mine. I had two watchers but no bids. So I re-posted it. The only questions I got were asking what the reserve is. I told them $300, because it's really not worth giving up for less. It's basically new. But it is from a while ago. I contacted Anne's fabulous finds and was thinking about letting them sell it. But they take 40%. Is it worth keeping it on e-bay or should I just lose the 40%. It is just sitting in my closet, I'm probably never gonna wear it. Any suggestions?
  2. If you aren't willing to keep trying on eBay and you know you won't wear it, I'd suck it up and take the loss.
    But I personally would relist a few times first.
  3. I definitely would try listing it a couple of times first. 40% seems kinda steep
  4. Definitely try a few times. For some inexplicable reason sometimes items are not appealing but then suddenly sell. I've rarely had anything that never sold at all.
  5. Sometimes it helps to take different pics, too.
  6. take awesome up close pics (use to list them and you're pics are free for up to 10), and make sure your title has lots of descriptive words in it, and keep listing. I've had to list things 4 or 5 times before it sells and then that last time it will go for a crazy high buy it now, or a bidding war. It just takes the right buyer at the right time. Keep going, it will work
  7. Which one were you selling? The pink Giselle? If so, I was one of the watchers and ended up buying one of the two or three that were listed. Sometimes it just so happens that there will be two or three of the exact same bag in the exact same condition on auction at the same time. I'll watch them all until the final day then bid on one. If I win, that's it. If not, I may move on to the next one if it did not go too high. Keep relisting. But good pics are crucial.
  8. Thanks guys. I'll keep trying. To answer the last post, it's the white carmen biker bag. I saw that there's another one listed as well. The other one is new and the starting bid is like $600. I started mine at $100. I wish I could say that mine was new, too. I've worn it twice. Wish I would've just kept the tags on it. I have a bunch of pictures posted and I think they show what kind of condition it's in. It's perfect. Maybe Luella bags aren't as popular anymore. Everyone likes the Giselle. My poor lil' Carmen!!! :wlae: Also, to get a little off topic, I actually bought a Marc Jacobs Blake on e-bay about two weeks ago and low and behold--It's real!!! Well, I think so at least. Looks pretty dang good to me. It is definetly used but I got it for $220. Woo hoo, just thought I'd share!! I've been taken on e-bay before for a dior bag, so I was scared. BTW, I can't seem to get any work done today. These forums keep me too busy!!! Boss man is out of town!!
  9. do you have pics of your blake? What colouri s it? :smile:
  10. please no more discussion about which one it is one eBay or questions about it.
    We don't allow any advertising here {not that you are} and we don't allow pwoplw to buy here.
  11. Sorry, I was just answering her question, but I do see your point. No more luella talk. Let's move on to my Blake. It's pink (petunia?). I didn't originally want that color but I was so desperate for a blake that i had to get it. I don't have pics but I can take some. I knew it would be large and spacious, but it seems a lot bigger than I expected. I'm gonna get some new cleaner to try and spruce her up. I kinda feel weird knowing that I have a bag that looks used.
  12. Sometimes it does just take a bit of patience. Taking different pictures is also good advice. Don't give up just yet.
  13. You also have zero feedback, which is almost like a red flag to many e-bayers.
  14. I have read that there is no selling allowed here and/or advertising which is actually a welcome change! I like the laid back, brag about our bags attitude here. I am just curious as to the rationale for this rule? Anyone ?
  15. I personally do not like reserve auctions. Whenever I see one, I just assume the reserve price is too high and move on. I'd rather have the seller list at the lowest price they are selling at then see a reserve. I'm not the type to ask what the reserve is, so if there are other buyers like me, you are losing our business too.