Am I the only one here...

  1. Am I the only one???? who is still waiting for an Azur speedy???? :hysteric:
  2. I'm still waiting for mine!
  3. :cursing: urghh come out come out... i have been waiting for this for sooooo long :crybaby: still no signs... :yucky:
  4. Hang on there, it's worth the wait!
  5. :jammin:
  6. Hey SuperBag! How r u?! I hope you get your Azur Speedy soon!!!
  7. What size are you getting? I'm on the list for the 25. I don't mind waiting though because its still winter over here, and also, I just bought a silver mirroir pochette to hold me over!
  8. yeah at the Calgary store, were currently quoting about a minimum of a month wait for both he 25 and 30. But we do have a Keepall 55 with strap avaliable!
  9. I'm waiting too here:yes: Not sure for speedy or pochette:confused1: Hahaha hope they'll have another style:push: Hahaha just wait, I know its haed. But your :heart: ly azur will be yours SOON, don't worry;)
  10. im still waiting for my 30....:crybaby:
  11. hey LTV how are you?? :love: i hope its sooooon :yes:

    25..I'm not tall(just 5'4:crybaby: ) and a bit skinny now... I dont like waiting.. ...I hate long waitlist lolz
  12. aww i returned one a few weeks ago.
  13. Are you on the list at GB4??? I think at 5'4 (im that tall too, well 5'5) you def can get away with a 30, if you are a big bag kinda gal
  14. i'm not waiting, but want to buy one..
  15. i'm waiting for more to be in stock on elux... i'm in no hurry, since i'm still saving up some money right now.