Am I just picky?

  1. So I got a black caviar Jumbo 2 weeks ago and noticed that there is a loose stitching hanging out from the bottom left corner of the bag! Also, I've mentioned this before, but the "flap" of the bag doesn't seem to lay flat against the bag when closed -- the corners seem to curl outward and I think it looks weird. Are these all normal?

    I've only taken it out about 2x! What can I do? Are all Jumbos like this?

    I've included photos to show what I mean! TIA!
    possibledefect1.jpg possibledefect2.jpg possibledefect3.jpg
  2. No. I do not think you are picky at all. For the amount of money we spent on Chanel, I definitely think we need to be really satisfied with our purchases.

    I returned a white jumbo since I was not totally satisfied with it even I got it with the old price. The store did not have another one so I told myself that I could take advantage of the Saks EGC event in the future so I could still get a "deal". I do not regret at all after returning the bag. Some people might not be bothered by these "minor" things here and there, but I know they will bother me.
  3. That would bother me too. Depending on where you bought it, you may still be able to do an exchange. This shouldnt happen to a 2 week old bag IMO. Good luck and hope you're able to exchange her!:flowers:
  4. I'm not picky at all and that flap thing would bother me.
    For what you spend, you need to be satisfied.
  5. I'm not as picky about bags, as some people here... but your concerns would bother me too.
  6. if it bothers you, take it back. it's a lot of $$
  7. Thanks all. I know that if I'm not satisfied with it, I should take it back. But what I'm more concerned about is whether these things are normal (especially the flap curving outward?) and if I can fix these things myself. They seem pretty minor, but yes, they do bother me!
  8. I just went to look at my Jumbo, no, it is not normal, the flap on mine stays flat, does not curve outward and I have had mine since last December and no loose threads., definitely take it back, where did you purchase it?- I don't think you can fix either problem by yourself......and no, they are not minor, they detract from the bag and are not normal.....GL:heart:H

  9. habanerita, thank you so much for checking your Jumbo for me! I'm definitely going to go exchange it. I purchased it at the Beverly Hills boutique. They have a 2-week return policy, but I've returned something to them that has exceeded that time frame before. I'm going to make sure that they get me a new one!
  10. I have that same thread issue with my Cotton Club tote so I just don't use it that much ....I was very annoyed when I saw it since I had hardly used the bag at all.
  11. YAY, don't let them try to convince you that the flap will lay flat, obviously it either was in the heat or something that made it curl out like that and the thread thingy should not happen, with what we pay, we deserve bags in pristine condition from the store........Keep us posted and I am sure as soon as they see it they will exchange:heart:H
  12. Take it to where you bought it and ask firmly to have it repaired......don't just not use it because of it., if there is a problem with such an expensive item as a chanel bag they have to take care of the problem:heart:H

  13. ^ Totally agree! :tup:

    Thanks for your encouragement!
  14. Wow, that's strange. I have the exact same problem with my new caviar white jumbo. There is the TINIEST bit of thread sticking out from the bottom edge (in the back). You can only notice it if you literally pick up the bag and truly examine it.

    I can't say it doesn't bother me, but I love the jumbo so much I got over it. :yes:

    The flap on mine doesn't do that though, so you might want to get that checked out.
  15. That would really annoy me. Definitely go to where you purchased it and ask for it to be repaired. It just doesn't seem right.