Am I Hapi?

  1. Good Evening H Ladies and Gents!

    I had a really quick question for ya'll.

    Does a "once-around" Hapi Bracelet exist? I've seen some in the MP that go around the wrist multiple times but I just want a single Hapi....I'm not that cheery.

    I recently bought another wonderful black bracelet recently but the hardware doesn't match with my Gucci Horsebit belt in Silver....It's driving me :cursing::cursing::cursing:. I thought a Black Hapi would be perfect!

    Thanks in Advance!
  2. The "Hapi" wraps around a couple of times, J. But what about something like this? I have one and my cousin bought one as well and he LOVES it!!!! I believe it's called an "Etrivier".......(Barenia, baby.......)
  3. I have a one round Hapi.
  4. D, I like the Barenia. I bet it smells amazing !!

    MyPeko, Thanks ! Do you remember how much it was?
  5. The single Hapi definitely exists, I have seen it on eBay and on the H website. Very chic.
  6. Thanks Hello !

    I'm going to stop by H on my way to work....I hope they have both the Etriviere and the Hapi to try on !!

  7. There are so many.....hapi bracelets come in both single and double tour. And also in varying finishes for the buckles. Hapi: Tandem(Double H), Kelly(like the end of a Kelly's strap), Justine(oval). Am sure there are others that I have never seen before.

    Colours I have seen are: Natural, White, Black, Chocolate, Rouge H and Rouge Garance.
  8. yeah there are plenty of different style buckles you can get (most of them are in a H shape or have a H synonymous theme i.e. kelly closure) i have the kelly closure one, they all come in a variety of lengths i think there is: single, double and quadruple. though as far as i know they cost the same price. Though i think the single ones are quite small and look lonely if not teamed up with other bracelets, esp. on man wrists with i tried them on. Good luck with it!
  9. Thank you for this thread-I have been confused about the Hapi!
  10. And I really like that wonderful black bracelet! Hmmm...but do understand the belt dilemma... Look forward to your Hapi report!
  11. ^ maybe a new hapi bracelet and hapi belt? with solve all the problems?
  12. Hmmm...not sure...I see a compliment, but not a "match" in this case...

    TRL...trying to imagine w/ belt and sneaks, yes? And primarily black?

    Tournis might also work...

    Do you want minimal hardware on the bracelet?
  13. I have a single tour black Hapi with RH. I think it would look great TRL! I think it was about $170 or so...
  14. I had a S'Mom moment last night and *THOUGHT* about buffing the gold off the hardware of the "other" bracelet. I'm not sure it will work because I don't know exactly what's under the gold....

    I'm thinking the Hapi because the it's very minimal silver. I just want something simple. Nobody usually sees the belt unless I tuck in my shirt but it still really bothers me that the hardwares are clashing- I'm a little OCD. I'm going to stop by H after work as I don't have too much time before work and will take all the suggestions and try 'em out!

    P.S. Those wonderfully brilliant metallic shoes I PMed you are ONLY for special occasions. But they will make a little silver on my wrist pop!
  15. I am looking for an H belt but I have not yet decided on the style of the H: Brushed, Hammered, Normal.

    And, I don't want to be a walking H accessories ad..

    You have the Kelly closure, no? I really thought that was unique! I hope my H has one to try on!