Am I crazy to want a Chanel Jewelry box?

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  1. Anyone out there with a lovely Chanel jewelry box. Please post any photos!
    I know it is not practical but it is sooo beautiful.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. No, because I want one as well. I LOVE it!
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  3. The ivory/beige is sooooo classy[emoji51][emoji51][emoji51]
  4. Some people like to show off and some just like beautiful things. I just bought a hand made vintage Gucci (from the 1960s) I am so happy. I love the black Chanel you've shown, that pearl button is wonderful.

    I beg to differ from those that say it's not practical, it's something that will never go out of fashion, you will have and admire forever, it will become a collectors piece...and where else would you put all your Chanel jewellery!?! :graucho:
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  5. :nuts: Where else would you keep your Chanel jewellery? Love it:heart:
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  6. Nope, not crazy!! I love it too!!

    I was thinking about getting the small one. I could use it for really nice pieces plus it's just so pretty to look at! :heart:
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  7. #7 Jun 22, 2016
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    I think it is a little crazy, but I am right there with you. lol -- I don't think we'd be on this forum unless we had a little crazy in us. :lol: And I would love love love to have one.

    I became a little obsessed with Chanel jewelry cases a couple of years ago and ended up with the long one in this pictures.


    It is a guilty pleasure!;)
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  8. Haha, this is why I love TPF, so enabling. I do think it would make a good collector's item...Now what color :angel:
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  9. One of our members posted photos of her new jewelry box on IG. Hopefully, she will come here and talk about it. It seems from her posts that she loooooves it, and it is beautiful.
  10. I have long admired this piece. I'm not sure how much jewelry it would hold. But it is so gorgeous.
  12. I would love one of each if I had unlimited income lol. they're so classy and gorgeous!!! but then I would also need more money to spend on jewelry to fill them up!!! :eek:
  13. Love the jewelry box but I wouldn't buy it. It would only make me spend more money on more jewelry to fill it up!!!
    Also, its too pretty to use anyway.
  14. I'd get one, but for the price I'd rather get a bag. I remember someone shared here.
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