Am I a Fashionista? Did LV do this to me?

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  1. Hi,
    I think I might be a Fashionista?

    I have a large collection of Louis Vuitton however I buy many clothes from K-mart and Target. My shoes are designer - Bally - however I bought these from a recycled clothing store.

    I see my "Louis Vuitton" pieces as an investment.

    My jewellery is all solid gold or platinum. My pearls are real and are Thatian. My diamonds are real but many were estate purchases (that is USED/2nd Hand for the non-fashionista amongst this forum).

    I see no problem in dropping $4000- for a hardcase suitcase but I will but Target clothing - or better still - designer clothes at the end of the session.

    WHY DO I DO THIS? So I have money to buy LOUIS VUITTON.

    I have bought used Louis Vuitton on eBay then sent it to the LV store to get some minor repairs.

    I have 2 Alma's and I want a 3rd even though I would never buy LV shoes.

    I drive a late model Japanese car (Honda Accord) after being burnt by terrible european cars - overpriced servicing, high depreciation and poor build quality. My luggage is worth twice what I paid for my car.

    My 2 Rolex watches cost more than my car. I bought my Honda Accord brand new.

    I prefer 4 star hotels to 5 star hotels - simply because I hate minimum wage staff handling my luggage. I prefer to carry it myself!

    A term used to define a woman with a penchant for shopping and a natural flair for combining both current and vintage fashionable trends.

    In today's Urban society, "fashionista" is not by any means a negative term.
    Thanks to television shows like "Sex and the City" rather more specifically, thanks to actresses such as Sarah Jessica Parker, the image of a "fashionista" has been modernized into a much more positive, powerful and successful feminine role.

    Forget the shallow, *****y, materialistic image so many people are quick to describe.
    The truth is, it's the new millenium and the hottest trend right now, is that it's okay to be a woman again. The "fashionista" doesn't look at her femininity as a gender flaw.
    Where some may be quick to label her a *****, others actually take the time to get to know her eccentricities.
    "Fashionista's" simply look at Fashion as an Art, their own bodies as the canvas, and the sense of style they develope along the way is simply the masterpiece.
    True fashion ("true fashion" as in the clothes and not the stereotypically thin supermodels that wear them) is simply an expression of identity and the people who feel the need to argue that are usually the same people who rarely see the positive in anything.
    "Fashionista's" are extremely realistic when it comes to the world of fashion, they're also very knowledgeable about the Fashion Arts.
    A person's not automatically materialistic just because they buy a designer suit or expensive jeans, it's often truer about "fashionista's" that they just happen to know (what is called) a "good hand" in fashion. All that means is that the person buying the item is aware of the "quality" of that item.
    Buying good quality clothes, that sort of fashion, is not shallow. It's an investment.
  2. ! Im right there with you on the spending a ton on my bags but not on clothes. I either wait for really good sales or check out target/TJ Maxx every once in a while for my clothes:P I figure clothes are so easy to grow out of/become tired of/ or get ruined that I would rather wait for good sales or shop at less expensive stores and have more money to put to my bags:biggrin:
  3. umm no - if you were a real fashionista you wouldnt step foot in a kmart for just like expensive bags and jewelry...
  4. owch xlambgirlx- I respectfully disagree with you.

    tons of designers are going the "mass market" level- all the collabo's with target, the major designers for H&M- all at prices the "working class" can afford. Just because it is very very expensive does not automatically mean the person wearing it is better than any other person! its just for two different price ranges.
  5. i like how you used urban dictionary..... not really a reliable source. lol urban dictionary is made by people.... but then again, the term, fashionista, is an arbitrary word. it depends on how YOU define what a fashionista is. if you think you are, that's great. personally, i don't like labels. i just like dressing well. i can go from target brand sweater to a fabulous blazer from ellen tracy. no one really knows what designer label you're wearing unless they study fashion like crazy or it's blatantly splattered over their body like an ed hardy shirt! X.X but i love how you buy lv! shows how much you lvoe lv! :] plus, it's your money! you spend it however you like. if you feel like dropping thousands on lv, but buying clothes from target... you go girl! :]
  6. having designer bags/shoes/accessories does not make you fashionable or classy
  7. I think everyone has a different definition for fashionista, heck the word isn't even recognized as i'm typing it! but anywho... whether it cost a pound/dollar or 10,000 buy what you like/love that makes you happy if you can afford it! I do! i'm not bothered if noone else likes it or think its fashionable as long as it makes my heart skip a beat i'm a fashionista/queen/lord/lady/me i'm good to go!
  8. i am willing ot spent on investment pieces...but save on others
  9. This is totally true! Owning designer goods or have the money to afford everything doesn´t make you a fashionista, you can´t buy Style with money. It doesn´t matter if you wear a €9,- on sale H&M trouser or a 1000,- Gucci one as long as it looks stylish. Both can also look ugly if you style it the wrong way. And as you mention SATC, I don´t think that all of the outfits shown there are wearable IRL and I don´t think all of them are stylish. Style and sense for fashion is what you make out of the things you own.

  10. Very true. If you don't know how to work it a designer item can not help you.
  11. A fashionista would not call them self's fashionista and flaunted for sure they just know they are and some times they think they are but there are not. Humility is the success to anything and they don't rag about what they have is tacky and improper.Dont tell unless you are ask and if if you are discretion is the key. People will respect you more and admire you more. Is not about what you wear is how you wear it and your unique style.
  12. I totally agree jjtete!
    If you call yourself a "fashionista" you probably are not one.
  13. i will spent all my money on a LV bag, but won't pay more than 30/40 euro's for a shirt or 50 euro's for jeans :P

  14. So true! It just makes you look like your trying to hard!
  15. Hmm, this is going to be an interesting debate, feel its gonna get :rant: LOL ;)

    I don't think owning LVs (or any branded bags, clothing or accessories) makes you a "fashionista".....I agree with other posters that money can't buy style & class! Look at celebrities, they have stylists and an unlimited cash but many still don't get it right........I think people are seriously misguided when they think (for example) owning a LV bag is a ticket to the fashion stakes....and these thoughts in general fuel the whole fake/must have culture.

    I have and love my LVs. I love the styles and the quality. I love that my bags will last me for years and are classic items. I buy dresses and tops from H&M. Have a comfy maxi dress from Target that is worn lots at the moment, pair it with my Azur Speedy as a casual semi-daily outfit. Not trying to be "fashionable". Just how I like to wear stuff. That's me.I don't live my life for other people. My dress after many many washes this summer is starting to look a bit faded and in a month or two, it will be all over! But my LV will take me through the years.......(hopefully)

    I have a silver Tiffany necklace that I wear alongside $10 bangles. Both bought cause I love the styles.

    I just would never spend too much on shoes (e.g. a "designer" pair), they are too wasteful in the point that shoes can look so shabby so quickly.

    Will be interested in other's views!
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