Alma PM or MM

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  1. I'm in LOVE with the Vernis Alma but not sure on what size is the best. I was in the boutique yesterday and tried both sizes on. They both looked good on me ;) but I'm not sure on which one to get. The PM handles does not leave much room to wear a coat. I'm 5'5" medium build if that helps.

    Which size do you recommend and why? Do you think the MM would become a hassle to carry daily?

  2. I say MM!
  3. I say MM! Very roomy here's my Gris Alma I'm 5'5 200lbs
  4. ilovefashion87.... you look wonderful and your Alma is stunning...
  5. ^^ thank you.
  6. I'd say MM... but I love bigger bags.
  7. MM for sure:smile:
  8. MM all the way :smile:
  9. PM, just the right size, even for dinners. MM is too big in my opinion.
  10. I like the PM. The MM gets too heavy and in the way as a day bag.
  11. PM..i have and love it *-* MM is like pic nik box :biggrin:
  12. wow.. adorable.. i love the color!!
  13. I had this dilemma last week and went for the PM even though I really loved the MM on me. DH says it looks too huge for a handheld bag.
  14. Mm!
  15. Pm