Alma PM or MM

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  1. Definitely the pm for an everyday bag. It's the perfect size and not too heavy to lug around.
  2. I got PM and love it! I think this bag is very delicate and elegant. So PM is definitely better. BTW, I'm 5'8" tall and medium build, PM is the perfect size for both day and night.
  3. Pm!!!!!
  4. Pm
  5. lOVE THEM BOTH-BUT.... I have several large bags, and I was looking for a smaller, more dressy bag for nights out , lunches with friends-and the PM is perfect!!!!! I got the rubis alma. If you want as a work bag-definitely the MM.
    So IMO it depends on what you want it for.
  6. MM! I love big bags though.
  7. PM all the way - makes such an easy transition from day to night and the vernis colors are enough of a pop in the PM size.
  8. I have the bleu nuit pm and I'm very satisfied before was considering the MM it was actually my dream bag but when I tried it wasn't satisfied at all.
  9. Pm
  10. MM - I'm 5"2 and thinking about getting an MM!!
  11. MM... I think the pm doesn't look as sophisticated especially in vernis. Monogram, now that is a different story. I think the pm fits my daughter quite nicely and at least the MM is not bulky like some of the other GM styles.
  12. Mm
  13. I prefer the PM:smile:
  14. You look absolutely wonderful with this bag. It's perfect for you. I also vote MM. It's a bag with a presence for sure.
  15. I vote for PM :smile: