All about the Puff...Puffer bags!

I would keep it for that much for sure! The puffer is one of my favorite bag styles! I was pretty tempted by that bag style in that color way and size a while back at a much higher price point! I think you will love the bag!
Yes, it is such a beautiful color! Not sure if they discontinued it for the puffer, but I have seen the color in other YSL bags. I love the look and feel of the bag, and I may be able to take care of the wrinkles by taking it to a leather expert. I will research that option but may forgo it all together. I told the sales agent its like a 'therapy' bag next to my skin. Its so soft and plush and beautiful.
Oh no! That happened to me but I got a good enough deal and the scratches were not noticeable so I was ok with it. Unfortunately it seems to happen fairly bit when you don't have the opportunity to buy in person and it's not like a brand new release from a designer.
Similar thing happened to my bag too but the deal was too good to pass up (See above). Curious about your bag story.
My small grey matte leather puffer is soft and squishy too. I love it! Definitely one of my favs for every day use!
Is this the Storm color? I’m looking to get the puffer is small in the color storm and saw the black on in the Nordstrom in my area but now I have another question. When I check the YSL site, they have it in Nappa Leather and in a different color in crinkle and lambskin leather. Is Nappa leather the same as lambskin or is is a different type of leather? What makes the distinction?
I have used my black toy puffer with BHW every day since I received it earlier this year, including all through the summer. So no surprise, I absolutely love it! The lamb leather is exquisite, but it's not particularly fragile. I haven't had to limit my use and enjoyment of the puffer as my daily grab-and-go bag. The leather and the hardware have held up beautifully, with no marks or scratches. Enjoy carrying your bag!
Do you still use as a daily bag? I have debating the puffer in a size small over the Louis Vuitton Croisette. I love the feel and size of both bags but worry the puffer will lose shape and might be more likely to get damaged than the Croisette. I live in Florida so although I don’t plan to be caught in the rain too terribly often, it has happened and it’s humid here. Im looking for a someone casual bag that can get dressed up when needed and be both a daily bag at home and for trips. I’d like both bags if I was honest but obviously the puffer is a bigger commitment price wise.
I own the medium puffer in dark beige for over a year, I don’t baby my bags either and I have absolutely no scratches the lambskin on this bag it’s extremely soft and durable. I would 100% recommend the puffer.
Hi there! I’m thinking of getting the small size in the Napa leather color Storm. How has the bag held up? Is it less puffy now? I love how it feels but worry it’ll get damaged in the Florida weather. I tend to have more structured bags but want something more casual BUT can still get dressed up. That’s why I’m looking at the puffer and Louis Vuitton’s Croisette. There’s about a $1100.00 price difference here so I am not sure which way to go now.