All about the Puff...Puffer bags!

I am going to check today. I have a feeling they are sold out.
Update. They were all sold out and I was not able to exchange the bag. Still thinking about it if I should keep it or not. Went to the YSL standalone store, and they said that the outside stretches are normal but the inside pictures I sent you guys are not something that they’ve seen in their new bags. That it would happen with time maybe. I also confirmed that the bag was not a floor model, that it was new. I think it was just stored incorrectly since it shipped from a warehouse and not a store.

I also misspoke and meant that I got the bag from Saks Fifth Avenue, not Neiman Marcus. I did get another sale bag from Neiman Marcus that was in pristine condition, the YSL mini camera bag. I’ve always been a little iffy about Saks and now my suspicions are confirmed. Won’t be buying from them again.
This is what the front of the bag looks like. So pretty. The back has a little bit of puckering as shown on the bottom right hand side. What do you guys think? Should I keep her?


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Not sure what they are going for now but half off is incredible with the way prices have increased over the last couple of years.
Their prices are ridiculous with all the increases in the last 2-3 years. Half off is a good deal for a product that is in new condition, not defective. I showed my husband and he agreed it does not look like a new bag should look. I am returning it tomorrow.
Update: decided to keep the bag. Saks gave me an additional 15% off due to the defect. Overall I am satisfied especially since the defects are mainly inside where they wont be seen.
I would keep it for that much for sure! The puffer is one of my favorite bag styles! I was pretty tempted by that bag style in that color way and size a while back at a much higher price point! I think you will love the bag!
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Nice! I think it’s definitely worth it with the wrinkles for the discount. Enjoy!
Thanks! I agree and the sales agent also said I can take it to a leather expert to steam out some of the wrinkles or I can do it myself. I will research that option. I also called the ysl outlet (3 hours from me) and they had puffers for 30% off. Still couldn't justify the price, seeing that I got this one for almost 60% off. I just can't believe they retail for $3550. I would never pay that price, even though I love the look and feel of the bag.