All About the Bow Satchel

  1. ^^ It's dark purple if I'm not mistaken :smile:
  2. I don't know if you found an answer for your question and this is kinda late but wanted to give my two cents.

    I have my Pietra bow for about 10 months now. It looks just like the day it arrived + slight darkening on the bottom edges. I can put so much stuff in it. I typically carry:

    a long wallet
    makeup pouch
    another pouch for bandaid+medicine+hair pins+perfume+hand cream etc
    another pouch for pads
    a credit card slip
    cell phone
    two sets of keys

    most weekends i also put the following:

    a small (0.5ml) water bottle
    ipad with ipad sleeve

    and during colder months i carry an extra pashmina in the bag or if i'm wearing heels i take a pair of flats with me in the bag.
  3. I love these bags but hate to pay the high price. Does miu miu ever have a sale on their site?
  4. hi ladies! I'm a Miumiu newbie and I'm really interested to purchase a bow! However I've read that the quality had some problems back then, even the brand new ones had some serious issues (2008,if I'm not mistaken) I would really want to do some intense research first before plunging in:yes:

    Just wondering, over the time, has the quality improved? Less sealant cracks? Colors fading off? leather splits?
  5. Hi there Chewing Pearls (love the name BTW),

    I bought a black bow bag about a year ago and I have worn it a lot. I was also very worried before I bought it, for the same reasons, but I guess the answer is, Prada would not be selling these at that price if there were real issues with the leather. Of course the leather does change in a certain way over time but I find it only gets better. Here pix of mine, taken just now, thought you would like to know what the handles and edges look like after 12 months.
    If you are in love and want it that bad, i can only recommend it! :smile:



  6. Hi there! Thanks! :biggrin: I'm actually thinkig of the same thing! Why are there so many complains if it's made by Prada right?? Prada is known for high quality items! That's what really have me thinking. I felt bad to those who experienced flawed bags and of course, the hassle of returning it and dont mention the waiting time :sad:

    would you say same with the other colors? With regards to fading?

    Did you also use any conditioner with those 12 months? :smile:

  7. I'm not sure if this has been asked before, but can the Bow bag be worn across the body (easily)? Does anyone wear it thus? Does it still look good?

    With two little ones I need my two hands as much as possible :shame:

    TIA! :flowers:
  8. I wear my 3.5 year old Zafirro cross body a lot and I love it - it is one of the reasons I bought it. Comfortable and sits well (particularly if it's loaded up - I don't treat my bags at all well!)
  9. Hi everyone!

    The bow satchel was my very first premier designer bag purchase and we've been with each other for four years now. However, I lost one of the screws recently and was wondering if anyone knew where I could find a replacement or if Miu Miu will replace the missing hardware?

  10. Go to any Miu Miu and drop it off for repair. I think it's out of warranty if you've had it for 4 years but that sounds like an inexpensive and easy repair imo.
  11. Hi all, I have two bows. The pervinca color one is from season 3 I believed, but the moro color I am not sure what season it is from.

  12. Purseforum newbie here :smile:

    Does anyone know if there are any black mini bows with SILVER hardware being sold anywhere...?

  13. Hi everyone...

    Was wondering, for the mini bow owners, do you find that flap part of the bag doesn't fold/slouch nicely?

    I have had my black leather mini for about 6months now and the top part of the bag is still standing stiff and refusing to fold down, unlike my fumo regular bow... is anyone experiencing this?
  14. mine took a few months of regular use for it to fold down.