All About the Bow Satchel

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    Season 1.5/"In Between" Season
    • Talco: 1, 2
    • Nero: 1

    Known Problems (mostly pertaining to Season 1)
    • Splitting of the bows on satchel:
    • Sealant cracks/damaged leather piping on Alluminio: & &
    • Sealant cracks on the new season of Fumo:
    • Logo lettering falling off:
    • Color rubbing off/fading:
    • Color rubbing off if used w/baby wipes:
    • Scratch issues:

    Misc. Info/Tips
    • The bow satchel currently costs $1,295 USD.
    • It is made in both Italy & Turkey (source).
    • Season 1 bows are matte leather & come in gold hardware. Season 2 bows are made of glazed/distressed leather, come in silver hardware & are lighter in weight than Season 1 bows. Season 3 bows come in glazed leather w/gold hardware.
    • Season 1 bows came in small, medium & tall. Season 2 & 3 come in medium only. Miu Miu will be re-releasing the small bow sometime this year.
    • The medium bow measures 14½"W X 9½"H X 6½"D & the strap is 20".
    • There is no reorder for bows from Season 1. They've been discontinued.
    • Season 3 bows aren't sold at Saks, Neiman, Barneys, etc. Miu Miu has decided to sell them exclusively through their boutiques.
    • Are your bow straps too long? Here's a photographic guide on how to shorten them. Or try this video tutorial.
    • If you're looking to protect/clean your bow, read this for ideas.
    • If you buy directly from Miu Miu, they will not give you a cash refund.
    • The SKU# for the bow satchel when looking via Saks is 0404388591455 (source).
    • Contact info for Miu Miu boutiques in London can be found here.
    • Read this if you're interested in handling quality control issues. Or join in on the issue of fixing/preventing sealant cracks here.


    I am looking for more stock images of bow satchels in different colors, other than the ones already listed; if anyone can provide me w/those, I'd really appreciate it!

    If I've listed anything inaccurate, please correct me.
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  5. Also, the bag used to sell for $1050 last year.
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    Like awong said.. I LOVE THIS THREAD!! Thanks for putting up all this information & much much more. It'll definetly help others who are looking into the bow :yes:

    P.S. Vinyl, what color bow are you after yourself?

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    I wanted to keep everything in one post to make the reference guide easy to read! I think I will simply wait for others to post additional/major stuff & then I will ask a mod to edit it for me when I gather a whole bunch.

    Right now, I need to add stock images of Mughetto (thanks to awong!) & Scamosciato.
  9. Wow Vinyl! Thanks for all the lovely information on bows!!! :smile: I called up my SA again and he said that cracks are really unavoidable, sigh well, I can live with a couple of cracks here & there so long as the whole bag doesn't fall entirely apart!
  10. Thanks for the input so far, guys!!

    annaversary: Oh, I forgot to answer your question!! Silly me. I was in love w/Alluminio, but all those threads about how problematic the color was really got to me (including the one where your "M" fell off)! :wtf: But now, I don't know... even the new Fumo & Astro are experiencing the "cracks" so no color bow seems to be safe! I guess if that's the case, I will still have a place in my heart for Alluminio. Though, I am TOTALLY lusting after Moro (the chocolate brown) currently. It's even harder to find than Alluminio...