Alicia Vikander

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  1. #1 Mar 23, 2015
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2015
    "There will be no escaping Alicia Vikander in 2015: there are no fewer than eight films scheduled for release this year in which the 26-year-old Swedish actress has substantial roles. The sudden demand for Vikander hasn’t come entirely out of the blue. Some critics said she outshone Keira Knightley in Joe Wright’s Anna Karenina in 2012, playing the naive 18-year-old Kitty; and she was heartbreaking as the 18th-century Queen Caroline Mathilde in Nikolaj Arcel’s historical drama A Royal Affair in the same year."



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  3. I wish Pure and Hotell were more readily available to me (I don't use torrents to download).

    A 30 minute interview with David Poland is here:

    Her interview with Anne Thompson is here:

    I was paying attention to her even before her personal life started to become "of interest" to some people. She's absolutely luminescent in Anna Karenina and steals the movie from Keira.
  4. The trailer for Ex Machina looks INTENSE.
  5. Love the boots.
  6. She has nice Chanel outfits.




    This pink dress is one of my faves.

  7. Thank you Blueberry12 for the new thread!! :tup:

    Do you know when they are finishing The Danish girl? :smile:
  8. She's cute! She looks super Swedish though :lol:
  9. You are welcome. ;)

    Sadly I don't know when the filming is finished.
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  11. What is "super Swedish?" Her style or her features? Just curious.
  12. Her physical features!
  13. I thought she was Latina until I went to her wiki and found out she was Swede lol