ALI has arrived!!!!!!.......

  1. Hi,
    My 'Ali' in natural, arrived today (the spectacular eBay win) and she is just GORGEOUS. I am thrilled. I do indeed love the natural! Here is 3 pictures of her. You all have a great weekend!!
    CoachAliFrontNov2007.jpg CoachAliSideNov2007.jpg CoachAliInsideNov2007.jpg
  2. wow she's gorgeous... lucky you to win that bid :yahoo:
  3. Beautiful! Enjoy her! :supacool:
  4. I love the Ali:yahoo: You did a fantastic job with that eBay win! I hope to add a couple more Ali's to my collection!

    Wear her in good health!:yes:
  5. Nice ! What eBay seller did you buy from, I'm looking for a reliable seller I can trust and buy from...I'm so leery of fakes
  6. :drool:She is goooorgeous!!!!! WOW! I LOVE that color and the legacy lining, as always, is TDF!!! Congrats!
  7. wow she is beautiful! congrats~
  8. Gorgeous! Congratulations! I love Ali's in all colors and natural is beatiful.
  9. congrats... she is just beautiful!!!!!! Do you mind if I ask what you got her for? :graucho:
  10. I do not mind saying....I got her for $172 and am just thrilled!!!.....and if we are allowed to state out favorite Ebay sellers I will as these sellers are wonderful...may I do that here??? Also here is another shot of her......she sure looks good hanging on my chair, LOL!!!!!!
  11. :drool::wtf::drool::wtf: Man that is a STEAL!!!! I am SO jealous!!!!!!! Congrats!!! :okay:
  12. CONGRATS!!!!!! Ali is a GREAT looking leather bag!!!! Timeless and classic! ENJOY!!!!
  13. :yahoo:Excellent deal and congratulations! Ali is great! I hope you really enjoy using it. Please make your presence known in the Ali Support Group thread so we can celebrate with you!
  14. That is a beautiful bag! And what a fabulous price! Congratulations!
  15. Ali rocks. She's sassy, classy and timeless. She is the QUEEN of all the fabulous Coach kingdom...