Alexander Wang Diego Bucket.

  1. Post a photo of the made in China tag.
    I think I know which eBay seller you purchased this from.She has a very good selling pitch but her bags are fake. I know because she has a new rocco with the old AW tag. I guess the replicators didn't get the memo the tags changed for the 2010 season.

    FYI, she's making money. The replica bags are selling for under $300 on ioffer.
  2. It's the regular price.
  3. ^ oops! I didn't mean to write it was on sale, I mean it's available! Sorry!!!
  4. ^^ Oh, I misspoke. I just wanted anyone to know that that's the regular price...since there are so many fakes now.
  5. I thought the Diego was hideous when I first saw it but now I'm in love with it I think it might be my next bag purchase :biggrin:...
  6. i think that this may be my christmas present to myself.
  7. I was at Barney's in North Park yesterday. They had one black w/ silver studs.
  8. Just MO but I see that bag and I get flashbacks to Dooney & Burke circa 1993-1994? Anyone else. It's a lovely bag, I've seen it in person at Barneys but I can't get that drawstring comparison out of my head.
  9. Yes. I ordered my grey rocco from them. I placed the order online and they called me to confirm shipping details.:smile:
  10. im thinking of getting the diego in camel... thoughts?
  11. ^The camel is my favorite color for this bag.