Alexander Wang Diego Bucket.

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  1. Where are my manners? I've had tangie Diego for a week and haven't introduced you all to her, (or him).

    Contrary to what many Diego owners have said, I find it incredibly organizational.
    I keep all my little stuff in the front pocket, my wallet and nook in the middle, and
    things I need to grab all the time (like phone and keys) I keep the in the extremely spacious back pocket.

    The only thing is the weight. It does FEEL like it weighs more than my Rocco...
    but maybe that's because I usually change out of my Rocco in a few days, but have kept wearing the Diego because I love it so much.

    One last thing, the color Tangerine is amazingly versatile. It goes with every single thing. It's like a burnt honey color that goes brilliantly with browns, blue jeans, and anything black of course.



  2. Gorgeous, thanks for sharing your new bag! love the orange color :smile:
  3. Is the bottom of this bag supposed to be flat or slanted? The back of mine is way taller than the front and the bag won't sit flat. :confused1:
  4. ^mine is like that, too poopsie2. I always get annoyed because I feel like it was sewn wrong because it's uneven, but I've seen others that look similar, and others that don't. Not sure if it's a production thing? I have the leopard one, btw (if that matters)

  5. This one will not sit up when I put it just topples over :cursing:
  6. Gorgeous new bag!! Congratulations!!
  7. oh it's beautiful! im so excited as i just got this in the rocco version and cant wait for it to be delivered. the diego is heavier to me too btw- ive had roccos, cocos, baby roccos, darcys, and the diego is the heaviest for me
  8. but it's lovely!

    i can't stop wearing it. It really matches with EVERY thing.

    Today I wore it with a short black baby doll style dress and brown cowboy boots. It popped perfectly against it. :heart:
  9. Just go on here today! Ive been looking at so many bags but keep coming back to the alexander wang. Seriously thinking about the diego for my next purchase. I just can't decide on color?!? Thinking black for my first wang bag. Looking at the mineral color but looks kinda springy. Really want a color good all year. Any suggestions on any other colors offered?
  10. I can relate...loved the look, hemmed and hawed, wondered about colors. Just ordered black with brass. Not a black handbag fan in general, but in the Diego, it just looks sooooo right.
  11. I am debating between the Diego and the Darcy now. Juggling the grocery store with my two kids which seems more practical?
  12. The Diego can be worn cross body, which generally I love for grocery shopping, dog walking, etc. But, it is really heavy, so even worn that way, I really do feel the weight .
  13. Just needed to share this photo.. says that it used to be a bone colored Diego but the guy just dip dyed it blue (see here for the post).

  14. :amazed:
  15. Damn! That's crazy.. An ombre Diego...And I'm sure he's got a big blue splotch on his white shorts... :p