Alexander Wang Diego Bucket.

  1. More money than sense apparently...
  2. the bag is amazing, BUT i had to return it a day after i purchased it as it was just TOO heavy. once i added all my stuff inside and put it on my shoulder, i was actually aching. did anyone else have this issue?!
  3. ^^ aww sorry to hear that baglady!! that's a total bummer! maybe you'll give it another try in the future :graucho:

    that being said, i just bought a luggage diego and can't wait to get it!!! WHOO HOO!! i've never been able to see or try one on IRL and just took the plunge after seeing all the gorgeous mod shots on here! i think i finally found the perfect diego for me. SOOO excited!! :yahoo::happydance::woot:
  4. Congrats, can't wait to see it!!!
  5. I have a tangerine diego w/ brass hw that i ADOREEEEEEEE.

    I'm definitely getting another diego. Possibly in black or blue.
  6. I can't wait to see a Diego on you... I think it's going to look awesome. :woohoo:
  7. Just wanted to add my voice to this many are talking about how hard the Diego is to get in and out of, and how you lose things in the "pit". I use a purse organizer inside mine, and this TOTALLY makes all the difference. It's a padded large Chameleon insert so it kinda helps the top stay open a bit, and everything has its place so easy to locate. Also, put anything you reach for a lot (phone, keys) in either the front or back pocket - then it's easy to grab.

    I totally recommend this bag. Yes, it's heavy, but I just switch up between hand-carry, crook of the arm, shoulder, crossbody, so no one part of my arms gets too tired.

    Enjoy your Diegos, ladies - I love mine! :biggrin:

  8. aww thanks ladies, yall are the best! but sadly, i can't pull this style off!! i got luggage diego yesterday... OMG!!! it's absolutely TDF! the leather on this is so out of this world.... Tara, it feels just like my choco/cream MAM (now with Traveler) but PEBBLED!! :drool: and the natural leather variation on it makes it look/feel so vintage...and the brass cupcake studs... LOVE! but i'm so darn short that it keeps hitting me on the thigh when i wear it on the shoulder.... :shucks:
  9. Awww man... I'm sorry that sucks... But hearing how awesome the leather is, maybe just be on the look out for that combo in a Rocco instead. Sorry it didn't work out but time to move on and think of the next. :biggrin:
  10. Oh, no!!! Even if you make the strap as short as it can go? Also, it would be easy to have a hole punched in the strap so you can set it to the length that suits you best. Don't give up if you truly love it! :hugs:
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    Try doubling the strap................that takes it to about a 13" or so drop
  12. thanks T! yeah i've already listed him..... hopefully he goes to a new home where he'll be well taken care of and shown off!! (gosh, it sounds like i'm talking about a pet or something! :giggles:smile:

    thanks foxgal! i tried to make it work, but i don't think i'm meant to carry Diego around.... i don't know what it is but i keep trying it on over and over again but it just doesn't look right on me...

    thanks for the suggestion!
  13. After stalking this bag for a while I finally did it ladies and I have to share it! I took the plunge and bought the Diego (black/brass)!!! I love it. I tried it on before at Barneys but I decided to wait and I'm glad I did!

    I just purchased my baby from the Wang store and I'm so in love. I did notice that the one I tried on before was a lot more cinched and tighter. The one that's currently cradled in my lap is looser and surprisingly really easy to get in and out of. Anyone know if there's a way to tighten the bag up... you know in case the fancy strikes?

    Here's some lq pics:



    This is what the Barney's one looked like:

  14. Did the one at Barney's have a flat back? I think there were two 'versions'---one that was completely round and one with a flat back.
    Mine has the flat back and it is still a PITA to use after several months. Absolutely the most user unfriendly bag I have ever owned. I only carry it when I know I won't have to be hauling everything out to get at the one thing I want.
  15. I don't think the back was flat. It certainly doesn't look it from the photo. Is it a pain because it's so deep? Or because it's difficult to open up?