Alexander Wang Chat Thread!

  1. My boots from Shopbop are due to arrive today! I'm so excited, my very first pair of Alexander Wang shoes!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    I have to run to the grocery store today, but I'm rushing home to be here for the delivery. I wish I had time to get a pedicure. :biggrin: Oh well, it's too cold to wear them anyway. I can't wait! I hope I love them as much as I love his bags.

    I have my eye on his new Millie bag with the pebbled leather and leopard calf hair. Have you girls seen it? Pebbled leather....:graucho::graucho:
  2. My size 37's arrived yesterday. They fit, but as I suspected they are a tiny bit snug across the bridge of my toes. Not too bad, they fit everywhere else. I would say Shopbop's sizing is spot on. Size 37 is a US 6.5-7. 38 7.5-8 I disagree with La Garconne's recommendation to size down if you are in between. If you wear a 7.5 size up to a 38 unless you have a narrow foot.

    I'm wait for the 38's to arrive for me to make my decision. I may keep the 37's and take them to have them stretched in that area. The only thing I'm a little disappointed in is the leather is pretty stiff. I wish the leather was softer, but I'm keeping them because I adore the shoes.:biggrin::biggrin:
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  3. pictures please!!!
  4. Are they at all comfortable? Would love to see some modeling pics!
  5. Does anyone have an Alexander Wang Shopper like these Mixed Material Shoppers pictured below from ShopBop? I would love to hear how the bag is holding up and how soft the leather is as I've not seen these in real life. Thanks in advance!


    awang2035012408_p2_v1_m56577569831825509_347x683.jpg awang2035512560_p2_v1_m56577569831831695_347x683.jpg
  6. I had the Navy one it has fabulous soft leather and suede, but it is very big, be aware of that. It was a little big for my taste so I consigned it. But if you like it, I highly recommend it, it is gorgeous and well-made, IMO.

    It's so smooshy you could probably fold it up in your suitcase if you need a tote once you are at your destination; it is that soft. I don't think it would wrinkle.

    I cannot speak to how it holds up, I didn't have it for very long. I was sad to part with such a nice bag, but I knew I probably wouldn't use it.
  7. Thanks chessmont! That's exactly what I wanted to know about the size and suitability of the tote for travel. I ordered it in both colors and they should arrive early next week -- hopefully one of them will end up being my first AW bag!
  8. mochi I hope it works for you - it definitely can hold a lot.
  9. -mochi - I just saw they are on sale for $546! Return and get 'em on sale if you can.
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    Alexander Wang's website has the Alla peep toe wedge in leopard calf back in stock!:biggrin:

  11. Hmmmm...:thinking:That looks so gorgeous & I love wedges, but from my experience on the front that's too flat to the ground like that, it's too much pressure on the balls of my front foot & my toes, the pain was killing me. I ended up not wearing it anymore. I can never walk too far on those. I wish he made it w/ some thickness in front for comfort.
  12. I did order them on sale! :p

    You were right, the bag is HUGE! I love the size and the leather, but the bag is much too heavy for a tote. They're both going back once ShopBop sends me a return label which they had forgotten to include in the original shipment.
  13. huh, I didn't notice the weight. Just the size was too much, but the leather was yummy.
  14. Hey Guys - new to the forum here, and made my Diego purchase after much research on here (thanks for the tips!) -- and despite many owners reporting how dang heavy it is. I think someone here said it's like permanently carrying a barbell, which isn't far from the truth.

    My bag was delivered from ForwardForward yesterday and while it's beautiful, I'm iffy on it. I'm not a fan of the mesh leather - it feels a bit flimsy and the slits are so wide that I could easily insert a finger and possibly snag it. Do any of you own any of AW bags in this material and have you had any issues with it? Does it hold up after wear?

    Because it's so heavy and because I'm not sold on the material, I'm considering returning it (it pains me so!) and getting the black Donna hobo instead. It's not as fashion-forward but it's probably more practical as an everyday bag.
  15. I'm new the AW bags as well, but if you're looking to get a different Diego, Opening Ceremony has the gray one..

    OR the black here:

    I also got the mesh and didn't really like it and ending up selling it, it doesn't feel as good as the gray one I just purchased.. less flimsy to me.