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  1. :hugs:lol ;) darling i am on the same boat :pi am coveting rocco too:graucho: but my heart is still setted on BALENCIAGA :heart::love:...waiting for canard and olive and then i will decide ...
  2. Originally Posted by karessday [​IMG] Hi Guys i am new to purseblog. Just felling my way around a bit. Wanted to warn all of the Alexander Wang lovers of a scam artist on eBay. The user names read as follows: mizzjazzy2145, putalushious and roseclosetstyle.These accounts are all owned and operated by the same person. This fraud sold me a fake AW Donna using the mizzjazzy2145 account. Luckily i was able to report to both eBay and paypal in order to have my money refunded. However to my surprise, i have discovered that this member is using multiple accounts to list counterfeit bags. I have reported this to eBay and they have done nothing. While browsing for a new AW bag i noticed that several listings all had very obvious things in common. The pics for the listings had all been taken in the same home or apartment. The carpet was the same,the area rug was the same, the bar stools were the same, for Gods sake even the manicured nails were the same.:cursing::censor: Please view these item numbers to have a look at what i am saying 320472044915, 140372489064. The same exact background was used in the listing for the fake bag that was sold to me. I brought this to Ebays attention but they have done nothing. With help from other honest ebayers i believe that we can but this sort of behavior to a halt. If anyone knows of any better avenues to report this fraudulent seller please report her ASAP or give me the correct info needed to have her kicked off. If iam posting in the wrong area please advise as to where i need to post.
    Thanks Guys:smile:
    :yahoo:Thanks Guys for telling me where to properly post. I was a bit excited. Just wanted to get the word out.;)
  3. Welcome back, Karessday. There are those who can help. Will make sure they see your post.
  4. Hi karessday! I'm so glad you found the forum!:tpfrox:

    I'm sorry for your lousy experience, but it's good to know eBay helped you recover your funds. :smile:Thanks for sharing your experience and for the warning.You are right, more people need to report the fake bags.
    Did you leave the seller negative feedback?

  5. Welcome to the forum! Please leave appropriate feedback for the seller so as to warn others that you received a fake Alexander Wang bag. So glad you got your $$ back. :smile:
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    Karessday, IF the auction you purchased from mizzjazzy is still viewable, would you mind posting the auction #? I noted a couple of other AW auctions from this seller, but items have been removed by ebay and are no longer viewable. I recognize one of the buyer ID's as someone that I myself have purchased from b4, so I am going to try to contact her to see what happened w/ that AW transaction.

    And we have sellers registered in GA, NJ, NY. Where was your bag shipped from?
  7. Unfortunately ebay has removed the bag and deleted all of the fakes that she posted using the mizzjazzy2145 account. Ebay has also restricted her selling abilities with the mizzjazy2145 account. She has now began to sell fake bags using the two accounts putalushious and roseclosetstyle. Shipping was from Atl. GA. Even the Shopbop invoices and receipts that she uses are total fakes, they look nothing like the actual invoices and receipts. I f you are a stickler for detail as i am. Upon visiting the other 2 accounts you will notice that the pics are all taken in the same apartment using the same bar stools. This is even more ridiculous, she listed a fake AW Donna Grey Antik using the mizzjazzy2145 account. I reported it to ebay.Ebay deleted the item not even 3 hours later she has relisted it using one of the other accounts in question smdh. Sorry guys i dont remember which one exactly but if you read the feedback of both im more than sure you will find which one it is.
  8. :tpfrox:
    Hi Guys, it was not until after i had already left positive feedback that i discovered that the bag was a fake. So no negative feedback was left. Carol Nixx was the alias used to sell the fake bag with mizzjazzy2145 account. NOTE: she sells the same few bags over and over again: donna, brenda,mullberry bayswater and the hilary studded shopper. These are very hard to detect. She also sells counterfeit dsquared and gucci merchandise. She builds up feedback selling small cheap preowned items then she begins to list high priced designer items. A very old ebay trick that i should have been aware of :shucks:
  9. For reporting purposes, it is very beneficial for reporters to have the auction #'s of any priorAW items removed by ebay. Which is why I asked for your auction #. Which should be viewable by you, either via your feedback or your PP transactions.
    I can see several past auctions for Donna's where photos from all 3 ID's are same furn/surroundings.
  10. Hi Ellie Mae the picture of the bag that i purchased and reported is no longer on ebay. Would you like the item number? I dont know if this would help any being that i was already refunded for the bag. I would be more than happy to give you the the item number. The only pics that are still available are the ones that were sold using her other two accounts. I browsed all 3 account last night and also noticed that the others items being sold that aren't designer item have the same furn/surroundings as well :busted
  11. Yes'm, an item # would help. It's very difficult to get ebay to even look at reports of this type against sellers. So, IMO, mentioning listing #'s of items already removed for infringement could help when one is reporting a seller for like behavior.
  12. SMH:tdown:
  13. Ya know.. KHAT... this forum does not support counterfeiting or the sale of fakes. And every time someone posts about reporting fakes on ebay, you show your displeasure. Exactly what is your issue w/ the reporting of fakes? And why would you join a forum like this and continue to post if you are so against the beliefs and the actions of the majority of the members? :confused1:
    There are other forums that you can join that support fakes!
  14. ^^good choice! love the Diego:tup: