Alexander Wang Chat Thread!

  1. Since the AUTH THIS AW thread is continually "off topic" ;), I am starting this thread for any and all CHAT & GENERAL QUESTIONS about Alexander Wang bags, tags, sellers, leathers, etc.

    SO.. if it is about AW & does not fit in an existing thread, CHAT about it here!:biggrin:

    To post AW bags for Authentication, please post links/photos here

    There are also a few other AW threads regarding specific AW styles:
  2. To continue prior conversation in the AUTH THIS thread...

    It is a classic scam, and an attempt to obtain AUTH photos for auctions OR to email to potential buyers to help sell the fakes. Happens all the time, unfortunately.
  3. And 1 more.. back to my original question about DONNA leather....

    new leather is DIFF than the original issue leather??
  4. I'm in love with my new grey denim Brenda bag.:love: Pictured next to my dove grey Rocco. :love::love::love:
  5. thanks for opening a new thread ELLIE:smile: GREAT IDEA;)

  6. *F*, dahling, how are you !!?? Yes, well, Swanks, was going to kill us :biggrin: and AW needs a CHATTER thread for MISC MUSINGS, so hope it shall survive. Which AW's do You have/covet?

    BMO2... I do like the Brenda style... is this really a denim fabric? I like pockets & the strap is pretty cool.

    I am standing on HOLD.... I LURVE the silver studs on the ROCCO.. absolutely TOO COOL, but want that look an a bag w/ LONG strap.. other than a bucket style. AND I like the Donna hobo.
    So I am sitting on the fence watching to see what happens in the AW world....;)
  7. Ellie Mae, the grey denim is made of smooth leather, unlike the blue denim
    that has a suede like texture. The leather is incredibly soft.:love:
    Gotham, I can't say I'm a fan of the small Brenda. It looks like a camera bag. I really like the new Donna luggage color.:supacool: I might pre-order this one.;)

    I'm so happy to see Saks carrying AW bags now!:smile: It would be great if I could find AW bags at my local Saks store instead of always hunting them down online.

  8. That's exactly how I feel too. I LOVE my Coco/Rocco but if there was something similar with a long strap, I don't know if I could control myself. :p A grey Coco/Rocco with gunmetal studs and a long strap (kinda like a City Bbag) would be handbag perfect in my book. :biggrin:

  9. GREAT pair of bags! That Brenda bag looks like it's big enough to carry daily. What do think about it for size, Boxermomof2?

  10. Thanks! I love the size! It's perfect for me because I do not carry a lot. My Rocco bags are kind of large for me and look more slouchy when I carry them because they are so empty. The Brenda comfortably holds my flat wallet clutch, eye glass case, comb, cell phone, and car keys. I know I will use this bag a lot over the summer with shorts and sandals. :smile: I love to carry small bags when I'm shopping, but I think it will be great for travel to carry with a larger tote or duffel.

    Here is a modeling pic of the black brenda.

  11. love the brenda pictures and modeling pictures - thanks for posting!!
  12. ME TOO. That would be PERFECT!

  13. BoxerMom: LOVE your bags. Isn't the grey denim leather absolutely divine? Thanks for the great eye candy! :biggrin: