Alexander Wang Chat Thread!

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  2. Good Morning Gal Pals. putalushious is at it again lol. Another fake AW
  3. Just an FYI ladies.. beware fake AW from this seller w/ multiple ID's:

    eBay: zolotunia, kaysofianyc, princess4eva79

    Bonz: kaysofianyc kh1jersey

    Buys bags on ioffer as zolotunia.

    Also has sold some Botkier and CL's
  4. She has now changed the id to barneysneimanslover
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    I'm new to posting in TPF (usually I just read :p), but I've been reading all the threads regarding Alexander Wang... I'm looking at the Donna Hobo's on and can't decide what color to get!! I wish I could see other pictures of them but I can't seem to find these colors anywhere else :push:

    Has anyone purchased or seen the Donna in luggage? How's the color in real life??
  6. Still waiting for the release of the new luggage color.:smile: I think it's coming out next month.

    Here are some photos of the new color on two of the new spring bags.
    I can't wait for the new spring line!!!:biggrin:


  7. These pictures make the color look better than the Saks pictures.. now I'm all undecided again.. isn't the donna in luggage already available at saks??? what do you mean by next month?
  8. No, Saks has the black Donna in stock. The luggage color is available through pre-order only, estimated shipping date 3/30.
  9. you're absolutely right, haha didn't even realize...

    have been looking through the whole lookbook... so hard to choose!!!:yahoo:
  10. WOW! I've never seen that lookbook! Thanks for posting it.:smile:
    It looks like a few new colors this season.:biggrin: He can keep the clear Rocco:nuts:
  11. Yeah, that one's a little strange :weird:
  12. Does anyone else notice how odd the stock seems to be for Alexander Wang bags? They sell out like instantly then they'll refill a few months after a craze but still be sold out right away it boggles my mind I don't notice that so much with other brands. I remember when the Coco launched, it sold out 1 2 3 at Barneys then they got a few more like some months later and I don't even think they lasted a day!
  13. The brass/black Coco/Rocco has been selling out for a over a year now? Maybe longer? Do you remember when the bag was launched? That's pretty impressive when you think about it!
    The silver/black Rocco is going strong too. The black/black studs doesn't seem to be doing as well.

    I can't wait for the new spring line... I want these shoes!

  14. i don't think i could pull those shoes off, but i really like them!