after the love is gone

  1. :crybaby: Ladies, have you ever had a bag that was to die for, then after you got it home you found that you did not have much use for it, it just stays in your closet? That's the story of my white tote with dots (not sure of the name) beautiful bag, but HEAVY. The hardware is what makes it heavy and when you add your things it's really heavy. I carried it twice and I couldn't return it. What is a girl to do when she loves a bag and it's just not working out?:crybaby:

    Has this happen to you?
  2. Aww, that makes me sad for you. I have a few bags I've only carried once or twice and I didn't like them as much as I thought. My gold hobo is one of them. It's just too big, and I think it looks funny since I'm 5'1".
  3. yeahhhhh my new duffle.
  4. Yup, thought I loved the duffle, but got it home and used it once... Shape just didn't work out for me.

    I sell my handbags on eBay if it doesn't work out or I just don't have the love for them. (Or.... if I need funding for something that HAS the love.) :graucho:
  5. aw...guess you're left to ebaying then, eh?
  6. How does the buying or selling on this forum work? You have to ask for permission, right? I'd be interested in buying the tote but I know you can't go through this forum. Is it against the rules to ask her for an eBay link? Someone fill me in!
  7. Thanks, Sky! I don't meet the requirements to get in yet but I'll turn in an application once I've been here 5 months.
  8. oooh, never noticed they changed how long you had to be here and number of posts.
  9. Oh thank you for posting that link anotheremptysky!

    That will be something great for me to look into after I have been here for a while. I have bad impulse buying tendencies. :shame:
  10. I know what you mean BB. I had that tote too but ended up selling it because it's heavy for me.
  11. i know what you mean! i have the exact tote.

    the love is still there. but now it's a love and hate relationship. esp. with my shoulder problems....blah.

    i haven't ebayed mine though. i just like to pull it out and stare at it for a bit occasionally. and if i have the chance i'd wear it, if i know i'm going somewhere were i can leave it in the car once it gets too heavy.
  12. i'm currently bidding on a dot tote on ebay! now i think i should rethink it...
  13. there are a lot of fakes out there so just make sure that that's real!

    but i seriously love my dot tote.
  14. it was...but now it's gone (?)

    son of a...