Afraid to purchase my first LV!

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  1. Ok, I'm relatively new around here. I don't own any LV, so I'm ashame to even be here! I've just been admiring from a distance. I'm scared to take the plunge... but I think it's time I try one. I can't afford the brand new ones, so I'm thinking of going for some used LV. I want ya'lls opinion on these bags.

    I like big bags most of the time, but I went through ALL the pages of the LV pics (yes I did and it took hours :wtf:) and found that I didn't really like the very big ones. I'm only 5'1" so I don't want a bag that'll bury me, but I also hate really tiny bags that I can't carry on my shoulders.

    Anyways, I saw these used bags. They're all around the same price of $330- $340 shipped. Do you think it's a good deal and which one should I go with? Or, should I try to find deals elsewhere? I don't want to regret my first LV purchase! :sweatdrop:

    Small Noe
    (I saw some reference pics in the other thread... are there three sizes? b/c I saw one that looked way too big, one way too small, and a perfect one)

    Small bucket
    I like that it's the classic monogram-- since I don't have any but I hate that a bunch of ppl are wearing fakes. I've also always like the bucket shape. It's rather dark though huh?

    Mini Josephine
    (I like the "doctor" bag shape. I just don't know if this is too small. I saw the reference pics..again it looks good on some and real small on others.) What is the fabric on this? Is it less valuable b/c it's not leather like the above?

    So, what do you guys think? My other thought was to go for a Gucci Jackie bag. I have to say around $300 or under though.
  2. I'd go for the Petit Bucket in mono... It's a great bag for everyday !!! And PLEASE, why would you be affraid to buy an LV bag !!! Just kidding, don't worry LV bags are great !!!
  3. im one for the petitie bucket too! ive been wanting one since i tried it on the store, i want the mini lin bucket though...anyways, i'm 5'3 and i think it fits me exactly...
  4. Welcome! Don't feel ashamed to be posting if you don't already own any LV--this forum exists as a place for all of us to share our love of bags and help each other out. I learned so much here before I bought my first LV. It's commendable that you WANT to learn about the bags before buying. It's your hard-earned money and you should be completely satisfied with your purchase! That being said--go for the Mono Bucket for your first purchase. If you are planning to buy "pre-loved," then make sure you read up on recommended sellers and try to post in the authenticate section prior to purchasing. There are some super sharp people on here who have helped me with authenticity issues.
  5. l like the petite bucket. i am short as well and use it often.
  6. I vote for the Noe; it is a nice size, can be used all the time, and personally, I don't like completely open top purses (like the bucket)
  7. Thanks girls for your opinions! :heart: I'm surprise everyone choose the bucket instead of the noe!

    What about the pricing though? Do ya'll think $340 is a really good deal or just decent? I know it depends on the condition. From the pics, it seems the bag is fine.. just kind of dark. There's no description though.. just pictures. It's from let-trade. I'm wondering if I should hold out and wait for a better deal, or are these deals hard to come by?


    Or, what about this one below (it's almost $80 less!)
  8. I thought the mini and petite bucket were the same size. They're different? :confused1:
  9. I think the bucket and the papillon are good deals. I would pick the bucket personally. I have the papillon and I think it is cute but it is kind of small and not easy to get in and out of .
    I would ask Let-Trade to send you pictures of the bottom of the bag to see the condition. It looks like the bottom might be the vachetta leather but I'm not sure. Otherwise, it looks like it is in good condition in my opinion.
  10. I like the Noe, its a rare color and probably a good size on you....
  11. I like the Papillon 26! (The barrel bag that you posted after) I have it and LOVE IT. I'd say for your first LV, if you want an absolute timeless, classic piece, go for the Papillon, or the bucket. And please don't be afraid to buy your first LV and don't be ashamed to post here if you don't have any...I didn't have any LV's when I first joined here!
  12. oooo...don't be afraid :smile: Take courage from all of US here, and get theeeee bag that you KNOW you would wear most!:yes: Run through your closet and start from there. Can't wait for your decision and pixs.:heart:
  13. Petit Mono!

    Congrats on the entering the world of lv.
  14. Out of those 3 bags, I vote for the epi noe because I think it's the nicest and roomiest! And the color is pretty.

    All of those bags will suit your size. There have been pictures on the forum of people about 5'1" with the Petite Noe and that also looked fine. I am 5'0" and own both the Bucket PM and the Josephine PM, and no, the Josephine is not that small and it does holds a lot. :yes:
  15. Out of those three I would choose the bucket for your first LV. I think it would be nice to start out with a classic monogram. The bucket looks like it is in good condition.

    Don't be afraid to join the world of LV. It took me awhile to buy my first bag just last year. Now I have four. I'm hooked!