Advice needed. What kind of feedback would you leave?

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  1. I have only left something like 2 negatives----I reserve them for the absolute worst scamming scum scenarios. Everyone has different criteria, but if it had happened to me I would leave a neutral or no fb at all.
  2. lol, I really don't know what was on it, so that seems to be an appropriate description. It's unreal how some sellers send bags out!

    Agreed that a neg is harsh. I definitely want to leave feedback to warn others. Does a neutral knock down their percentage? I've seen neutrals over 30 days and the seller has 100%.
  3. no, neutrals don't affect their percentage.

    Honestly I would contact the seller for partial refund, or try and work something out with them.
    If they won't help resolve the problem, I would neg them.
  4. I would leave a Neutral in this case with a comment specifying the reason for it.