Advice needed. What kind of feedback would you leave?

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  1. I recently acquired a bag off of Ebay.

    When I got it, the bag was folded and shoved with no protection (not even a plastic bag) in a box too small, and one small strip of tape was along the bottom of the box. The box was laying on my doorstep with the bag sticking out of the box. :Push: Seriously!

    Then there's this, the bag was listed as NWOT. :rolleyes: They should just be honest and say they only used it once, lol. It was obviously worn. There was some gunk on the leather, some wear to the feet, and the lining shows a little use. I really want this bag and it's not easy to come by this particular style, so I can deal with it being in that condition and clean it up. It's not THAT big of a deal. So, maybe it really is PMS. But still, the seller claimed it was NWOT, had good feedback, and I trusted them. Like a dumb ass.

    So, I'm not sure what kind of feed back to leave. I had contacted them to ask about the shipping and they gave me a kind of short & curt answer, this was after I paid. They accept no returns, and I'm not looking to return, or get money back. Just want to warn others, and leave appropriate feedback.

    What would you do? TIA
  2. Sounds like the shipping could have turned into a complete bag disaster! On that basis alone it appears at least a neutral is warranted if not a negative. Who ships like that? Someone who just doesn't care.

    Now the NWOT stuff and attitude of the seller is your's to interpret. This effects the buying experience and should be accurately conveyed like u said so that others will know what they're possibly getting into.

    Seems to me that the product, the shipping and the seller's attitude are off-putting and could have resulted in a far worse outcome. Even if it is a HTF HG doesn't mean that it should be misrepresented and falling out of the box on delivery!

    Did u check toolhaus? Doesn't really matter but I would ask myself if u would want anyone to buy from this seller, if u trust them and how they go about business.

    I would neg. them. You just can't operate that way!

    Hope the bag is restorable sorry too hear it.
  3. I would contact the seller first before leaving feedback. If she is a good seller, you will be able to tell by her reply. Maybe she was just having a bad day or week. I know this is no excuse, but it's always best to let your seller know what went on with the transaction. After you contact her, leave her feedback based on her reply. If she is really nice about it I would think a negative would be too harsh. No matter what you leave though..whether it's a negative, neutral, or positive - make sure that you do state the condition it was shipped in.
  4. If I were you, I would either leave neutral or negative feedback, depending on the condition of the bag and also the way the seller has treated you. It's not really acceptable to sell a bag as new if it has been used, even once, and certainly not if there are visible signs of use like you described.

    I myself am in the middle of a bit of a disastrous eBay transaction at the moment. I bought a used bag but one which was described as being in good condition. It arrived and it wasn't in good condition, there were several flaws that were undisclosed both in the description and the listing's pictures. My seller is not cooperating - her communication is poor, her tone has been rude and abrupt, she's offered no apology whatsoever, she has DENIED the poor condition of the bag and although she did say she would accept it for return, I'm still waiting on her address four days later, after several messages to her.

    If I'd received the bag, and it was not as described but she replied to my message in a timely manner, provided her address, took the return and refunded me, I'd leave a neutral or maybe even a positive. Because of the attitude, the lack of professionalism and the sheer hassle it's causing me, I'll absolutely be leaving a scathing negative.
  5. I'd ask for a partial refund and see what the seller says.
  6. ^^ I agree!!
  7. I would contact the seller before leaving any feedback. Give the seller a chance to make you feel better about the transaction. Of course if they refuse to be understanding then I'd leave neutral stating the facts (horrible packing, not new, etc). Good luck!
  8. But...wasn't this an off-eBay transaction? If so, then the buyer can't leave feedback.
  9. ^^ I think when the OP says she got the bag "off of Ebay," she means that she got it on Ebay, not "off-Ebay." KWIM? I think I'm starting to confuse myself... lol

    I agree with this :yes:
  10.'s unclear.
  11. this is what i thought, "off of"=from

  12. I agree that they don't care. It's pretty obvious. Didn't check Toolhaus, my bad. They have very little seller feedback. Again, my bad. The bag looks great now after I cleaned the smegma off of it. :yucky:

    I know what you mean, thanks for the advice. I just wasn't sure on the neutral or negative, cuz this was not really what I would call a positive transaction.
  13. Ugh, it's so aggravating. Thanks for the advice. And I totally agree with you. Sorry that you are having a bad experience as well. In all honesty, I don't want to deal with the hassel & stress of a case. It's a real PITA. I may done buying bags for a while off of Ebay. At least any 'NWOT' ones. :rolleyes:

    I might do that. Thanks!
  14. Sounds like a plan. I will contact her first. Thanks!

    No, not an 'off Ebay' transaction. I bought the bag 'off of Ebay'. That must be my NJ dialect. lol :P Sorry for the confusion.
  15. "Smegma" Thanks for reminding me. This is one of my FAVORITE words. :roflmfao: