Advice needed.. resizing

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  1. So... my boyfriend just bought me the most gorgeous T&Co e-ring.

    Im absoluteley thrilled... over the moon...

    The thing is it needs resizing... ive sent it off to tiffanys today (UK) old bond street for the resize to be done.

    Anyone have any ideas on how long this takes?? Im dying to get this baby on my finger and show it off!!

    Its truely gorgeous!!!
  2. Didn't you ask the sales person this question?
  3. I have had several of my platinum rings sized and it normally takes 2 weeks.
  4. I didnt buy it.
  5. Great.. thanks for your help.

    Counting down 2 weeks now lol

  6. But when you "sent it off" for resizing, didn't you or your fiancé ask when the job will be finished? The sales people will be able to provide a more accurate answer for you especially if there's a back log, etc. I guess I personally would never relinquish such a prized item without first asking the details about return.
  7. Well i was told that it depends.. they couldnt give me an estimate on time or cost without seeing the ring in person... which is totally acceptable.

    I thought id ask here to get some ideas on other peoples experiences.

    Thanks though x
  8. It takes 2 weeks in Canada.
  9. Awww thanks rami... always so helpful.

    I hope its the same lead time over here in the UK.

    I am truely dying to wear my beautiful ring, about cried when i shipped it off today :sad:

  10. You will get it back in no time. Congrats on your engagement by the way, please post pics once you get it back.
  11. Usually 2 weeks, but the stores can put in a rush request.
  12. I sent a bracelet off on the 3rd April from the Bond Street store & it's due back on the 18th April. If you ring customer services on 0800 160 1837 they can usually give you an eta, they did with me anyway.
  13. Thanks hun.

    Ive taken pics already but havent put them up....

    I needed to take pics to look at it everyday lol
  14. Thanks ladies..

    You have set my mind at rest xx
  15. Ahhh ok.

    I sent it directly to old bond street so maybe it will take 2 weeks or so xx