Advice Needed Please x2 !!

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  1. I really need some advice on two matters which i hope someone can help me with.

    Ok, problem no. 1
    I brought the black Ursula LV from LV website about two years ago which i only used once. So i decided to put it on ebay but within 30 minutes of listing it (complete with 12 photos, including several of the receipt, paperwork etc) the end the listing and send me an email about trademark breaching and selling fakes!!!!
    So I replied to their message ranting and raving about my genuine bag and the photos and receipt as proof plus i also offered to meet the winning bidder at any lv store in london so i relisted it. Still 10 minutes later it is ended again.
    So now i am at a loss as to what else i can do to prove authenticity?? i re-emailed them asking this (as they have no contact number) and am still awaiting a reply, so any advice would be very grateful!

    Problem no. 2
    I also purchased the black Marylin and used the bag everyday for roughly 4 months until i noticed that on the gold clasp where it opens and closes (pushes under a bar) the gold colour has completely faded and is now a metal. Am i eligible to return this bag to a lv store even though i brought it off of the lv website or is this classed as general wear and tear.??

    Sorry for the extra long rant/thread, i am literally pulling my hair out. x
  2. for your black Marylin take it back to the store and see what they say.
  3. sleaz*bay is killing me lately with pulling the authentic bags and letting the junk fakes stay! I've given up on trying to prove my bags authenticity to them when I see so many fakes being sold. Go to bonanzle, its growing by the day and free!! s for your Marilyn I would take it back to LV and show them and see what they can do for you.
  4. Thanks for your quick replies.

    It is so frustrating trying to think up more ways in which you can prove authenticity and then you look on ebay and there are 100's of fakes going on every day!
    I will have a look at bonanzle, i've never heard of it before to be honest.

    As for the Marilyn, do you think i can take it back to any store, seeing as i brought it from their website?
  5. yeah bonanzle is a nice place to post. And you should definitely take your Marilyn to the store and see what they say. Go for it
  6. Absolutely, take it back to your nearest LV store and express your concerns about your bag and see what they say. Be firm!! Do try Bonanzle, it's easy to list on there and they couldn't be nicer! They really want this site to work and are great about removing fakes when reported..

    Keep us posted on Marilyn :smile:
  7. I think all of the above is good advice, its what I would have said.
  8. Take the Marilyn back and ask if they can replace the hardware. I highly doubt they will give you a new bag but who knows. Replacing the hardware might put you in the same boat in a few months. Honestly- why doesn't LV make the hardware out of solid brass so that when the gold coating wears off there is matching brass underneath??!?!?
  9. I know it is heart breaking when you see the gold coating wearing off, to be honest i stopped using my marylin once it became noticable. I am put off of going into a lv store as i am a push over and i think if they said there was nothing they could do, i would just take their word, mumble my apologies for asking and exit as quick as i could! still i may see if i can ask a friend who is more persistent than me to accompany me!!

    As for my other problem with ebay, i spent most of last night and today emailing customer support, safety and trading and going on live help so hopefully if i keep badgering them, there may be a chance i can get my bag relisted!
  10. What LV website did you get your bag from?
  11. I understand how frustrating this may be. There are so many fake receipts on Ebay now too, that Ebay is not assuming anymore that seller with receipts necessarily mean its authentic. What I would do in your position is pay $5.00 and have authenticate the bag for you. Once Carol emails you that the bag is authentic she will want you to email her the auction # so when she receives buyer's inquiries she can respond appropriately. You are also able to state that the bag has been authenticated by her near the top of your acution so when Ebay sees this, they should leave your listing intact. There is also another authentication service and I think they now charge $10.00. CArol is really fast responding though and she's great to work with, both as a seller and a buyer!
  12. Thank you southern charm, you're brilliant!!
    I have just sent payment to and am about to send an email with photos.
    Thanks again everyone for your advice. x