Adriano Goldschmied Jeans - My new fave

  1. Has anyone tried AG jeans? I picked a pair off the sale rack at Nordies the other day and I loved them. The style is called "The Flow." Very comfy and dressy. I love them.
  2. I have a pair that I wear all the time. I'm not sure of the exact name but I think it's called The Stilt. They fit so well. I also love that I didn't have to alter them at all. It's so hard buying jeans when you're short.
  3. i love these jeans, too. i just bought the club, but may try to find a lighter wash/more distressed
  4. I used to LOVE AG jeans. I haven't worn them in years though. They fit great.
  5. I love AG jeans too! Next to Paiges, they are my faves. Revolve has tons on sale for under $100 right now.
  6. I love them! I only have three pairs of designer jeans - AG, Citizens and Paige. My AGs are the ones I wear w/ heels and for nights out! So comfy!
  7. have them and LOVE them!!! I bought a pair at Nords last year and they're fantastic!!!
  8. I've been looking at AGs for a while, but am yet to take the plunge. What kind of body shape are they best suited to?
  9. I love the AG Angel jeans!
  10. I heard good things about this brand too. I have yet to try it for myself though.
  11. I have a pair of the Stilt jeans. They're VERY skinny jeans - known as my anorexic jeans. sometimes they're fun to put on after a spin in the dryer. Nothing like not being able to move your knees. They stretch quickly enough, though. They run true to size for me.
  12. I only have tried on The Flow. I am more bottom heavy but pretty average-sized. I tend to carry more of my weight in my thighgs and behind.
  13. I have always heard good things about these jeans. They look great in the magazine ads I've seen.
  14. Gotta check them out. Nothing like a pair of great fitting jeans with a nice pair of red sole shoes to boost someone's confidence!!
  15. they have a pair for each body type.
    I'm not a pear, more of an apple{?} I'll check to see what my style is. I carry weight in my middle, not my legs/bottom.