Account Deactivated? Member Suspended?

  1. So being deactivated is involuntary? I thought it meant that members now had the option to delete themselves. Aww, so one of my two friends was banned. Sad face.:cry:
  2. Being deactivated is banned :yes:
  3. I miss seeing the SKB title... it's the end of an era :sad:
  4. I noticed one of my friends were deleted so I looked her up and yes indeed she was deactivated. Then 2 days later she is active again. Is this possible or do I have pregger brains?? :confused1::confused1:
  5. we can't comment about specific people, you can PM an admin, we can try and answer :smile:
  6. Thanks! It is ok I was just wondering. I thought it was an option to deactivate your account and then be active again. :smile:
  7. no, users members can't do it.
  8. Is Account Deactivated the new Sofaking banned? Or something else?
  9. S.K.B. no longer exists, it was recently retired.

    A deactivated account has all of its posting privileges suspended, banned if you will. The username turns light grey.