About to break ban for third time. Need help!

  1. I am on my third "purse ban" now. Broke the last 2 (sigh, it was worth it tho) and after I got my HG luxe bowler, told myself (and the DH) no more for now! But of course, for me, this month is bonus season. So I told myself, I need to reward myself for all the hard work I've put in! Doesn't help that I keep seeing all the gorgeous new colours for the reissues on this forum!

    So. I am about to break my ban again (sssh dun tell my DH), what do you think I should get?? I'm really more of a classic than latest fad/latest bag kinda girl. Right now, I have my size 226 matte black w gold hw reissue, and my dark silver medium luxe bowler.

    Always wanted a classic flap, but not sure what colours are available now. Also, I've tried a medium black classic flap before, and it didn't look great on me. But that could just be the colour..

    Question is, should I get another reissue?? I don't really like buying 2 or more of the same thing, and while I know the new metallic colours look VERY different from black, I'm not too keen on having TWO reissues, even if they are in different sizes. My other choice would be a timeless clutch, which I've dithered over for AGES. But honestly, I don't have many chances to carry around a clutch, and I feel like I want a bag with a larger size.

    Sorry for the long post, but I really need help. What do you girls think I should/can get?
  2. Maybe a beige or white flap would be nice for you since you already have a black one.
  3. Ooh thank you! Yes a white flap was def one of my top choices, but I was worried about maintaining the colour. I usually don't carry light coloured bags, but most of the girls who have one seem to have no problem!
  4. I have a white jumbo that is think is a Must have for any Chanel lover!
    I totally recommend it:tup::tup:
  5. hi there, i suggest you should wait for the S/S '08 bags to be officially out first before you make your decision. we're all confused as to what colors really are gonna be released. so until you see them IRL or more pics yet. by then, you won't be having a hard time deciding which one to get;)

    for now, there's already the Metallic Purple Reissue, Metallic Blue Reissue, Red Patent Reissue, Pewter and Gold.

    and oh, have you seen the color swatch of the Dark Brown Metallic Reissue? it looks gorgeous too:drool:
  6. Thanks dear, that's a good idea. I'm really really tempted by what I've seen for the metallic colours already! I wish they would have similar metallics for the classic flaps as well, I'd DEFINITELY get one if they did!
  7. How abt dark white or beige caviar jumbo?

    I'm not keen with the new 08 reissue collections. Since u have a reissue flap, there is no point having a similar style but in different color. Go for a classic flap then.
  8. i was thinking about a white caviar flap as well since you already have dark silver and black.. it will make you easiler to match with what you will be wearing.

    I just notice you are from Singapore as well.. just a question, did you buy your Chanel here? its so expensive over here... gosh.. but i am trying to get one classic before the price hike..
  9. Shiny - what abt the classic flaps coming in S/S08? Spore will be getting some, right? Heard they come in more colours than black, beige and white.
  10. how about the new navy classic flap in lambskin? i've not seen the colour, but i should think the navy would be a nice change from black and since you already have the black reissue, it would be nice to have a classic flap. based on the BG pictures, it seems like there will be navy, yellow, pink, white for the classic flaps in spring.

    that said, i know what you mean about different colours but the same bag (re: reissue dilemma), imo, i just see the different colours as reason enough to get them since essentially it's the same thing with the classic flaps and plus i do think the reissues and classic flaps have a much longer staying power than the seasonal bags of varying designs. lastly, maybe you can think of having the reissues in different colours as having a different bag for different occassions - i could see a dark silver/pewter reissue fitting in nicely with the black reissue (sort of day/night thing).
  11. I also vote for the white flap! It's a great change to your collection- plus, white flaps are just gorgeous... White caviar is very low maintenance too! Imagine how fabulous a white flap would look during the spring :love: I think with a white flap, your collection would just be perfect- you already have the young/fun/casual bowler and the classy/iconic reissue!
  12. i'm not keen in getting a metallic bag b/c i foresee problems in the long run - color fading / corners rubbing / peeling and etc, esp in our humid climate. i would suggest a caviar jumbo since you do not have and it's my favorite bag hands down! a beige with gold h/w is gorgeous, so is a black with silver h/w! i would pick beige if i were you, it's a gorgeous classy color esp with the gold h/w!
  13. hi shiny!we're all here to help you ...break your ban hehe!:graucho:
    I agree with the suggestions the girls made above,there's so much variety this year and I'd like to add red in these too,not the patent the reissue.
    on the other hand white or beige would be a fine choice esp on a jumbo!
    But I guess the best would be as fashion -gurl suggested to wait a bit to see either pics or the bags in real life!Concerning the classic flaps I'm a bit hesitant of the new caviar-I want a white or beige jumbo too but I must see the leather IRL first !i'ts not like it used to be I'm afraid!:shrugs:
  14. Hello! Sigh, I don't do white very well, although I think the classic white flap is gorgeous... But I think I will wait for all the bags for S/S08 to be out before I do decide

    Yes I bought my first Chanel (black reissue) here, no choice cos I fell in love immediately when I laid eyes on her. Plus (if the SA was to be believed) only 2 pcs came in and she remembered (from MONTHS ago) that I'd called to ask about a matte reissue, heh. It IS def expensive over here. There was already a price hike anyways, so I would say if you reaaaally want to get one just get one, don't wait. The prices will always be going up.

    Having said that, if you get the chance to travel around (or get in touch w some of the SAs in the US), look or ask around because I think the range here is v limited as well. Which classic do you want to get?
  15. Hello dearie! Haha soo many enablers here! How could I NOT break my ban?

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE red, my ideaaaal would be the red jumbo flap I think, but sooo hard to find! Ooh now I'm worried about the leather. I haven't been to the Sg Chanel in a looong while, think I better make a trip soon to see and feel the new leather!