About a Ipod Nano...

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  1. I just bought a ipod nano and I am trying to find a case for it. I want a cute one but all i can find are weird looking ones every where i look. Can you all think of some that I could look at, because I would really like a cute ipod case instead of one of those cheap looking ones.:yes:
  2. I suggest the EZ-Gear silicone covers.. there should a be a bunch on eBay. They come in different colors, and I have one for my Video, but its way cuter on a Nano. Hope this helps. :biggrin:
  3. Oh that's cool is it see through, and what does it cover it up?:idea:
  4. Okay I am going to look at that site now.
  5. That's a cute case but I am stil gonna look for a few more options, thanks though
  6. Like I was thinking of a wild like very colorful one can you think of another one?
  7. Do you like tokidoki? If you do look on iskins...maybe try and google it for their website. I have the one with the tattoo girl on it, and I'm suprised how well made it is. It comes with a jelly see through cover, and then the actual skin goes over that. And they're decently priced.
  8. The thing about iskins i am worried about is, is it stuck to the ipod itself or to a jelly cover, because I am not sure I want to have it stuck to my ipod because what if it gets stuck to it and I am tired of it. I would LOVE it if it wasn't attached to the Ipod itself. Is it???
  9. coach has some cute ones. definitely look around elux, and if you're into juicy, i think they have some fun ones too.
  10. Iskins in no way actually sticks to the ipod...it's just a protective cover that can be changed whenever and however many times you want. I don't think I've ever seen something that sticks to the actual ipod. But don't worry, it does NOT stick on.