A week late, BUT ITS HERE!! :)

  1. WOHOOO! SOme of you know the massive amount of trouble i had getting this tote!! Its the dark blue one with gucci in script (in white rubber)...the one that was on sale!! ($209! not bag!)

    First they told me they are sold out (i ordered it online instead of through my SA, total random late night purchase haha) and then they told me it was on my way and should get here LAST thursday, then i called and they said oh yeah we dont have ur apt number, then it was delayed for another 4 days and NOW ITS FINALLY HERE!!!

    Its tottally going to be my throw around school bag! i LOVE it!! :smile: wohooo :yahoo:

    Sorry i dont have pics yets!!! but im SURE everyone knows what it looks like! :okay:

    now i need something to decorate it with...what do you guys suggest?? I was thinking a scarf or maybe this http://www.gucci.com/us/us-english/us/fall-winter-07/gifts/#172546_J1600_8053

    or http://www.gucci.com/us/us-english/us/fall-winter-07/scarves/#183100_3G001_4074

    is it true that that is web only???

    THANKS for helping and listening hehe :smile:
  2. oh and sorry for posting twice, but has anyone seen the matching flats in any of the stores? exp in vegas/scottsdale? Im visiting those places at the end of this month and would LOVE to pick them up!

    they looked like this but were dark blue with white writing!


    BTW i just noticed this was my 1000th post! what a perfect day to get my bag! WOHOOO
  3. Congrats on the 1000th post!

    I love both things that you picked out for the bag, but I would pick the key chain personally because then you could actually use it for your keys if you wanted to. But, either would look darling with the bag.

    Do, you have pics of the bag? I think I know which one you are talking about, but if you could refer me to the thread maybe?

    Not sure about the shoes. I haven't had the chance to make it to the Gucci Boutique in a while. I have had to do all of my shopping online or by phone. hehe
  4. Congrats!
  5. I've seen the shoes you are looking for on sale in a store in Canada, if you are desperate the name of the store is called Holt Renfrew, it's the only high end department store we have here in Canada, good luck.
  6. congrats!
  7. thanks!!! ok i found a pic on eBay...just fyi this is NOT my bag...its just a pic from eBay!!!

    and thanks for the tips! i have no idea which ill get blahhhh but i know i want something haha :smile:
  8. and thanks to everyone else!!!

    PISDAPISDA...do u remember how much they were?!?!? ohhh im getting excited hehe!
  9. Congrats... I am glad this one worked out for you... wow we had a hard time with the sale this year!

    As far as web only... yes even the SA's can't order them for us... I went into the store today to see if my SA could get the gunmetal wedges she went and checked and said no... I am ordering the wedges and matching scarf online but getting the bag from her.
  10. Ok, I was 99% sure that was the bag you were talking about. Hmmm, my vote is still the keychain because you can use it as a legit one if you should get sick of it on your bag, but then again you could use the scarf as a legit hair accessory, so I guess I'm no help now. LOL

    Does the keychain come in silver though? I'm not sold on it in gold with the bag. If not, then I would go w/ the scarf.

    Good luck on finding the flats. Keep us updated! :smile:
  11. awwww man noegirl!!! i want a scarf and im scared to order from online again! DARN IT!! what to do what to do :sad:

    man this sale was BRUTAL on websales

    and thanks ashakes...btw are u indian by ANY chance hehe :smile:

    i think i might get the scarf haha id feel funny if the keychain cost as much as the purse ;) hahahaha weridness
  12. and thanks ashakes...btw are u indian by ANY chance hehe :smile:

    i think i might get the scarf haha id feel funny if the keychain cost as much as the purse ;) hahahaha weridness[/quote]

    I have a Gucci keychain that I use and I love it, but I really use it for my keys. :yes:

    K, my vote is scarf. It will serve multiple purposes should you tire of it on your bag. FINAL ANSWER!

    And, yes I am Indian. I was born and raised in the USA though. What gave it away? LOL

  13. I agree get the scarf... Oh and buyng from the website is a piece of cake when its non sale time... I'm not ordering the stuff until next week but I will let you know how it goes...

  14. Of course it's a piece of cake when ordering from the website or shopping in general when you are paying full-fare. And, always interesting when the snooty SAs are suddenly your best friend when you are paying retail. LOL What I laugh about is that usually the "sale" is not like we still aren't spending hundreds to thousands!

    Ooooo, what are you buying? :jammin:
  15. haha i dont know, my desi radar just went off ;) u KNOW we ALL have one hehe! So ur not a fob like me...haha jk i was born there but we came here when iw as 6 months old :graucho:)

    but thanks for the vote, i think ill have to order the scarf! :smile: