A Warning to Sellers About USPS

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  1. I am not really sure what the solution is to this but I wanted to tell you what happened to me. I was expecting a package from an eBay seller and I knew it had a signature required. I saw the postlady come up the walk so I opened the door. She acted surprised and told me she was going to leave it on my porch and asked if that was ok. I wasn't sure why she was going to leave it on my porch since I was here (too lazy to ring the bell?) and she started to leave. I asked if it required a signature and she said yes, that SHE had signed for it!!! As the buyer, it didn't really affect me but if I were a seller and she did this on an expensive item, I would be mad!

    Any suggestions on how to handle this?
  2. I used to have a lazy post man too! He would often "forget" to take packages even when there had been a pick up request. I never figured out what to do about it or where to complain. It sure is careless of them to do something like that and they are not doing their job well. (Although there are mailmen/women that deserve a medal too!)
  3. That would definitely bother me!!! How could she sign for your package?! That makes absolute no sense! I have a postman who would just leave my mail on chairs on my porch, I finally caught him one day and asked him to put the mail in my mail box. For awhile there was heavy wind and my mail would get scattered all over the place, definitely not acceptable!
  4. I'm sorry you guys have had bad experiences with your postmen- mine is awesome and so nice!

    I was at the post office the other day sending an eBay package, and the lady asked me if I wanted signature confirmation. I did because the item was over $250, and she said to check the box if I was ok with the mailman signing for it. I asked her to explain and she said it was basically waiving the addressee's signature and the mailman could sign saying it was delivered. I'd never heard of that before. Maybe your seller wanted that option?
  5. My postman does this all the time, I don't know if he actually signs my name but he does just leave them at my door, even if signature is required. Mind you, I live in the middle of nowhere and the postman knows me very well, also packages don't go missing in the middle of nowhere, lol! With FED and UPS, I have a request on file to leave all packages at my back door even if signature required. Sometimes if it is a different person than the usual, I have to actually sign but the regular guys they even know my kids' names. Life in a small town, ahh, gotta love it.
  6. IMO,this is unacceptable in any case.I know when I ship something signature confirmed and insured I expect the purchaser to sign for the package themselves.

  7. :wtf: I would inform the postmaster of this... if my mail carrier did this i would be insanely pissed off about it.
  8. Actually, I really appreciated when the mailman or UPS guy does this for me. (They'd only do this after they knew me well, though). My UPS guy would leave something for me in a non-obvious place so I could find it. Very nice person. I would hate to have to go to the post-office or UPS pickup place every time I get a package.
  9. Oh geez does this sound familiar.
    My postal person actually "forgets" to even ring the doorbell to leave my packages, she just puts those "we missed you" slips in the door. And it's obvious that she never even rang the bell because we've been HOME when they're stuck in the door.
  10. I had my usps man leave my louis vuitton on the front porch. I was not happy!
  11. I would think that if they signed for it then they (the po)would be responsible if it comes up missing. Otherwise I wouldn't want them to sign for it.

    That is good to know..
  12. Yeah, I'm thinking if the package went missing, who ever signed for it would be responsible, including the postman. I've had packages left at my door that required signatures, so maybe that's what they did too. Makes sense now.
  13. Wow. Nice to know. If that's true, it would be a nice option as my newest Lab apparently doesn't like mailmen. Mom & I are home but I am often getting ready for work when the carrier comes. But I also see the flip of it. I certainly wouldn't want my package dropped off on someone's porch in a high theft area.
  14. My postlady was so lazy she used to leave all my packages on top of the mailbox instead of bringing them to the door. I immediately called the postoffice and asked for the manager and reported her. She hasnt done it since and She never leaves a package at my front door if it has to be signed for. I am happy about that. We get windy days too and had they blown down the street, it would have been war with me and the post office.

    I also reported her again when I would be at home and she wouldnt knock, she just leave a note in my mailbox that i wasn't at home. LAZY!

    Needless to say, she is now very good to me and even ask to use my bathroom every once in awhile. She now undertands how I feel and is very nice and follows the rules, which I expect. I'm not a *****, but when I have expensive items coming, I expect them to do their job!
  15. Complain to your postmaster! I've done this - after a couple of complaints, he actually assigned a new carrier to my route - this one does everything by the book, I love him to bits.