A storyline about Fake bags on The Shield last night

  1. Besides being an AMAZING show. On last nights episode it was mostly how they were trying to bust a woman selling counterfeits. It was funny all the guys are like what is the big deal a purse is a purse and the woman strongly disagreed. I know FX re-airs it. You should watch it.
  2. You know I was thinking about posting something on this too....but I didn't think that many TPF members watched it. That ending was too funny...but it seemed like they were promoting the sale of counterfeit bags.:tdown: LOVE that show! BTW - Whats with the incredibly short season?

  3. I know most FX shows seasons are way to short. I think all their shows average only 10 to 12 weeks. They like to rotate their shows. I guess it is more about quality than quantity with FX.

    I agree it seemed like they were sort of promoting the sale of fakes. But it was still a great episode. When the woman tried to educate the men about the different designers.
  4. ^^ Like she really knows anything about designers if she's selling fakes...