A seasonal reissue reveal - my belated Mother's Day present

  1. This is my first Mother's Day as mother of 2 beautiful babies. Hubby got me this bag I've been eyeing on consignment website - it is a seasonal reissue accordion which has 2 compartments in the size equivalent to 225.

    Absolutely loving the distressed calfskin! It feels so luxurious yet durable!


    Haven't had a chance for mod pics yet but will share once I wear it

    I love my kids
  2. I love it! Congrats. Can't wait to see mod shots :smile:
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  3. On certain angles and lighting you can see the leather is more distressed on the bottom that the top flap (maybe it's previously been overstuffed). Anyone with reissue have experience on how I can "even it out"? Will leather conditioner and buff help?


    I knew this was the condition of the bag from the website photos. But just wondering if something can be done. Thanks
  4. Thank you! You are first here to my reveal!!

    I will post mod pics once I get to cutting the security tag off
  5. Beautiful bag! You should get x2 bags because you've given birth to 2 kids!
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  6. Congrats and happy belated Mother's day!!!
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  7. Congrats! Lovely reissue.
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  8. Congrats yinnie!! Happy Mother's Day!!
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  9. Thank you! I said to hubby, this bag has sentimental value - 2 compartment reissue for 2 kids lol

    Happy Mother's Day to you too Miss CC! How did your little man spoil you?
  10. Congrats Yinnie!
    A beautiful gift to remember the memorable stage of your motherhood!
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  11. It's beautiful :love: I think the distressing at the bottom of the bag is all part of the charm, giving it an edgy look.
    Personally, I wouldn't buff or condition it.
    Enjoy! :heart:
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  12. WooHoo Yinnie...what an amazing gift!! Big Congrats & happy belated Mom's day dear! Your bag is a beauty!:heart::heart::heart:
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  13. Thank you! Motherhood is the hardest job in the world! It's great to be appreciated and gifted with this beauty by hubby

    Thank you I think you are right, the distressed leather is part of the charm of the bag!

    Thank you Kendie it was your reissue that started me on the love for reissues!!! Your 224 is tdf!
  14. I have posted a separate thread but I will ask here anyways.

    Upon close inspection there is a snapped/broken stitch on the front flap corner. Is this repairable?


    I am based in Australia - where can I take it to get repaired? (Chanel doesn't take bags over 5 years is that right?)
    This was also not disclosed by the consignment website listing. What is my recourse with this loose stitch? I don't want to return the bag because I do love it and there isn't another. I'm guessing I should ask for a discount or pay for cost of repairs? I know I don't want store credit coz that forces me to buy something else unnecessary.
    Please help!
  15. Despite the stitch problem I know I don't want to return the bag. It is a beautiful piece!

    Here's a quick mod pic, I intend to wear this bag crossbody (need to be hands free with 2 kids in tow!) it sits at just the right spot on the hip for me, similar to where the square mini would sit.
    IMG_1495153227.649983.jpg View attachment 3702950
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