A Muse of a tale

  1. pasted from TFS Forum - The Muse, YSL's next Mombasa (posted by Taz)

    A Muse of a tale
    By Jenni Epperson

    The YSL Muse is the kind of bag people will be waxing poetic about for years and ever after

    ONCE upon a time, in the land of croissants, berets and generally nasal voices, the fashion gods debated on which bag to bless. This season, it’s the YSL Muse bag.

    It’s the type of bag that you’d either love or have your mother buy. It has a classic silhouette (to some, bordering on matronic). But trust London ladies Kate Moss and Amira Casar to give this classic-looking bag a strong street vibe, making the hip “it” tribe line up to snap up the latest Muse.

    An elegant leather beauty: subtle Y stitching for those in the know (kind of like saying, “I know who I am, and I need not scream my arrival”); golden hardware (from engraved lock to shoulder strap rings); dainty metal feet to protect the bottom—you will, after all, be bringing her everywhere.

    The stars indeed bring it everywhere, including self-confessed YSL fanatic Lindsay Lohan (she said she has five closets of YSL), Wisteria Lane resident Nicolette Sheridan, and ageless Demi Moore. Launched with the 2006 Cruise Collection, it is the tote of tinseltown.

    For its second season, the Muse Bag is expanding its palette, adding olive and brick-red versions to the original black, chocolate and ivory leather. Metal hardware in anthracite, light bronze, silver, light gold and frosted brown hues will now adorn this new, iconic Yves Saint Laurent accessory.

    YSL designer Stefano Pilati has now made the handbag even more luxurious, with ostrich skin in shades of tobacco, hazelnut and ivory and crocodile leather in black, grey and vanilla.

    A more casual canvas version in beige, chocolate, khaki and sand is available for the summer—a perfect addition to your already sizzling summer style. Worn by the world’s most beautiful women, the Muse Bag has started a new “city chic” trend. It’s a good mix of “in the now” and “it will outlive us all.”

    Available in three sizes (medium, large and oversized) at the YSL Boutique in Greenbelt 4, the Muse can be hand-held, worn over the shoulder or carried under a beautifully curved elbow on your way to your favorite Ladies-Who-Lunch destination.

    Take your cool club level a notch higher. This season, Stefano Pilati has added a fourth dimension: The Muse bag now comes in a smaller version, practical and trendy during the day, and bombastic in the evening.

    It’s all the rage, and now, with all the new versions available, you can be certain that the chic chicks will be clamoring for one (or four or 12—brace yourself for a long waiting list).

    To avoid reaching for the wrong one on your way home from the club, tastefully emboss your Muse with your own inspired initials.

  2. Huh, I love the muse, but what struck me the most about this story is the last line, "Emboss your Muse with your own initials." Does YSL do that for you?! I know that LV will heatstamp stuff, but I don't think the LV people would be happy with you toting in a Muse and asking them to heatstamp.
  3. :huh: !...:lol: !!
  4. YSL organizes special events where you can have your initials embossed on your Muse. I know they had one in NYC last week, and I will have mine embossed next thursday when they will be doing it at my local YSL store (in Italy)...:biggrin:
  5. Thanks for that! Hmmm, we've already seen olive but where's the red? Oh, I saw a canvas version yesterday and for the life of me can't remember what color it was (georgie, did you see it at NM?). It wasn't the beige with black trim, it was a bold color. Was it red?
  6. ^^ There's also a green canvas bag and an off-white color too.

    I can't wait to see the red. According to the information that I received, the red is supposed to arrive in May.
  7. I have the Brick Red large Muse already but I haven't taken any photos of it yet. I will try to take some pictures and post them here :smile:
  8. pasted from TFS Forum - The Muse, YSL's next Mombasa (posted by guccigal07)
    2006 Fall/Pre Fall Muse Colors
    I had the manager of my YSL store call the buyers to see what colors are coming in for fall

    Okay this is for the XL only...I have NO clue about the other size colors other than the oversized

    Pre-Fall Muse Oversized
    Khaki Green

    Fall Muse Oversized
    Distressed Patent in black and white

    Mombasa PreFall

    Mombasa Fall
    ORANGE....they said like a Hermes Orange!
  9. HermesAddiction, congrats. =) Looking forward to pictures of your new bag.
  10. Yes, please post pics! How did you manage to land the Brick Red???
  11. I bought it in Hong Kong 2 months ago and the SA told me that they only received 10 pieces for the whole city. I was very lucky to be there at the right time :biggrin:
  12. Lucky girl! Please be sure to post pics.
  13. I'd love to see the red one too!!:nuts: I haven't seen the olive either...don't get to see many bags in real life...so if anyone has a pic please post up!!
  14. oooooh I hear RED!! I'd LOVE to see muse in red!!!
  15. Where's the RED muse?!?!?!