A miracle - clemence leather and a heavy tumble

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  1. Today something astonishing happened: after making my purchases for the household I went windowshopping. Suddenly - I don't know the reason - I stumpled and felt down very hard. My double sens in clemence, full of things, dropped down to the street with high speed too. In german you say: "in hohem Bogen". I've got some really aching blessures on my finger, my knee and my chest. Of course my first thought was "heaven, my bag!!!" But: no scratch, no sign, no blessure - I couldn't believe it. The leather is just like new.
    That comforted me quite a lot and is the truest evidence of the quality of that leather/bag.
  2. I'm so glad your bag ended up unscathed (I always think of my things first when I fall down, too!), but I'm sorry to hear you're a little banged up. At least it was nothing serious, but maybe you should treat yourself to a little H as compensation for your injuries now that you know how durable it is. :angel:

    I hope you feel better soon! :heart:
  3. So sorry you had a bad fall and hope you are not to badly injured and will feel better soon, especially since your lovely H bag survived totally without a mark but thats the way we all would prefer it I think.
  4. Don't you just love it when your possessions out perform your expectations!

    Something similar happened running for an airport shuttle. My Evelyne skidded along the concrete and survived without a scrape. Love love clemence it's so durable.

    Hope you are feeling much better now.
  5. I would have had a heart attack. Thank goodness you and your bag are ok!
  6. I did that I Paris last year with my Clemence Kelly . I was on the floor with one arm up high saving ms Kelly. Funny, I could care less about myself... I saved the bag! :lolots:
    I hope you are ok!
  7. Thank goodness both of you are ok. I do agree Clemence leather is very durable. My Clemence Picotin is my daily 'grab to go bag' and I used to treat it like a baby but over the mths, I've 'carelessly' tossed it around and H20 drops aso happened more than few times. 11/2 years later, when I checked the bag's leather- I still cannot find a single scratch/ abrasive marks/ staining especially the corners. It's totally worth buying this superb quality leather.
  8. So happy to hear you were not badly hurt in the fall! Your Double Sens was very lucky as well.
    I hope you aren't too sore tomorrow.
  9. Glad you are ok. You can always replace a bag, but there is only one YOU, so rest up and feel better. I do think that H bags are miracle bags, indeed! They wear so well!
  10. Oh I do hope you are ok and will recover from the sore soon! I would totally worry about my bag first too!
  11. Glad that you are all right. Agreed that clemence is durable.
  12. :-s so sorry you had a fall, ouch, I wish you recovery in double (sens) time, but very glad your bag is OK

  13. I hope you suffered only bruises from the fall. That must have been a shock.
    I smiled when reading your thought being "heaven, my bag!!!". Because whenever I fly with a designer bag, I wonder whether I would try to grab it with me if there were an emergency evacuation... Quite a silly thought, isn't it? But I think you and xiangxiang may understand me 😋
  14. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear you tumbled and got a few scrapes, wishing you a quick recovery!

    I would have the same thought, "Nooo my bag!!". Thank goodness it is tougher than expected!
  15. Sorry to hear about your fall. Hope you're recovering well and glad your bag was unharmed. I second Anez in treating yourself with something H. ;)