A Long Day's Journey...

  1. ... has come to it's happy ending! After a journey of more than 6,000 miles across more than half of the USA, the Atlantic Ocean and German customs a small bag has found its new home...
    Here is my new Nova Check Tote...
    BBToteUnpack1.jpg BBToteUnpack2.jpg BBToteUnpack3.jpg BBToteUnpack4.jpg Kopie von BBToteUnpack6.jpg
  2. Beautiful, such a classic bag, congrats
  3. really cute!
  4. Very cute bag!
  5. Congrats regina! She is gorgeous! :nuts: Now we need a modeling pic. :graucho:

    Are you planning to use her for everyday?
  6. congrats Regina! Modelling pictures please?
  7. I looooooove it !!!!!! Congraats!!
    But I'm confused wats the color?? the first 2 pix its black patent and the other 2 pics its bronze patent!!
  8. Really pretty! Congrats!
  9. aww the bag is so cute! I loves it! :smile:
  10. I will post modeling pics, don't worry - it will take some time, though, I want to wear something really nice with the bag... :tup:
    The colour of the leather and the hardware is Nickel, it changes from olive to brown to taupe to khaki and back again depending on the lighting and the clothes I am wearing - that's why I like the colour so much, I can wear it with most of my wardrobe.
    I think it is an everyday bag but I don't plan on using it every day, more for special occasions; to take it with me to the office in the morning, well I don't know... I think it would offend some people, I work for a Federal Agency and have mostly to do with people who are not at all well off and who don't have much money to spend.
    Regina :smile:
  11. oohhhh i liiike.. good choice then it would be very versatile with the shades it turns from lighting and gives you alot of alternatives for clothes!
  12. its a stunning bag I LOVE mine. got lots of ahhhs and ohhhs at the burberry outlet they loved it :O)
  13. Donna,
    and the bag is also coffee-proof if I remember correctly...
  14. LOL yup it survived one steaming hot cup of coffee LOL..
  15. The journey has a second part... this time directly flown in from the UK, only the channel to cross... :heart: The colour of this MiniManor is "Trench" and a little darker than seen on the pictures (due to flashlight).
    Regina :smile:

    BBMiniManor01.JPG BBMiniManor03.JPG BBMiniManor04.JPG BBMiniManor05.JPG BBMiniManor06.JPG