a little stroll to LV shop

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  1. I just figured this out today guys.
    I live insanely close to the LV boutique.
    This afternoon, the weather was so nice, so I started randomly walking up north on Michigan ave (I live in downtown chicago)
    after 6 blocks, there it was!
    how tempting.
    I moved to my new apartment 2 month ago, and I figured this out today haha
    does anyone live walking distance from LV shop?

    I mean how can I resist haha:rolleyes:
  2. yep...2 mins..walking, haha
  3. :wtf:

  4. wow 2 mins walking distance... i would be broke!
  5. i could walk to Louie but it would take me 20-30 minutes. I've walked there before though. today i realized how lucky i am to be so close!
  6. I live pretty close, but not that close...lol...

    Closest was in Hong Kong, where I stayed for a few weeks, there was one an elevator ride away... that was fun...yes, I went almost everyday I was there.
  7. i live like 40 minutes away.... driving!!!!!! no fairrrrrr
  8. Maybe a 10 minute walk for me...and that is to two LV stores...they are only a few blocks apart!!
  9. wow...I would die. I would lose soo much weight!!!
  10. Oh no, I´m actually glad I´m not that close to Vuitton :biggrin: Oh my bank account :biggrin:
  11. not close enough to walk, unfortunately. there's only 1 LV boutique in my state
  12. I think its better off I'm not that close to LV! But in Maui, we're gonna be a 5 min walk! :wtf:
  13. hehe, the 2 LVs in Auckland are also very close to each other:yahoo:
    But i'm lazy...haha, don't go there everyday!
  14. No! Mine is about 30 minutes away (driving). You all are so lucky!
  15. Yes, it's only a 30 min walk to my LV boutique.