A few goodies...

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  1. Ahhhh I finally went to pick up a couple of small Richard Prince items and a much needed wallet. The scarves are devine! I think the silk scarf reminds me of Monet..don't you think? I do need some advice. I had the hardest time deciding on a wallet. I'm set on the style, which I like, but I couldn't decide between Monogram, Azur or Amarante. The Amarante is stunning, but what about the fingerprint issue? grrr, so I got the azur. What do you all think? keep the Azur or go back for the Amarante?
    IMG_1782.jpg IMG_1783.jpg IMG_1786.jpg IMG_1785.jpg
  2. i love the vernis range for wallets ... so i would go for the amarante ... i have the violette one and i haven;t had any problems with finger marks
  3. gorgeous scarf...:heart:

    both wallet are nice but i love the armante as its different and stands out by itself..:tup:
  4. ~The scarves are really beautiful. I'd love to frame one of the scarves-such a fab. piece of art. As for the wallet, you've to go for the one that occupies your mind the most. You've to happy and don't just settle.~
  5. Love all of it! The azur wallet is really classy!
  6. LOVE the scarves!! congrats!
  7. yay! We got the same yellow bandana! haha :heart: yay
  8. STUNNING scarves, love them both... and very nice wallet. I'd go for Amarante too but fingerprints are inevitable for the Vernis line I think. Azur is my next choice. Congrats!
  9. I love your azur wallet better than the amarant one.
  10. i have been wanting that same wallet! good choice. i have amarante and violet..violet is soooo good because you dont see any marks or finger prints but amarante is gorgeous but is realllllllllllly bad with smudges and fingerprints. i dont recommend it if tht bothers you..
  11. Congrats! That's a tough choice for the wallets. I think they are both really nice, but would never get either because I'd ruin them with fingerprints for the Vernis and dirty the whiteness on the Azur! Which one do you like better of the both? If it's the Vernis, go get it and just be a little more careful with it!
  12. Beautiful scarves! And go with the wallet that you think about the most! You definitely can't go wrong with either choice! Congrats!
  13. The Azur is so pretty and fresh, keep it:heart: Congrats!
  14. Love the bandeau :heart: , I would exchange for Amarante and not worry about the fingerprints, but that just me ;)
  15. I love the scarves. You should definitely keep the Azur wallet. Amarante is beautiful but too high maintenance. I recently saw someone with an Amarante Zippy and I actually slowed down to admire it but then I noticed the lady was wiping it with her shirt before putting it back in her bag. :nogood: