A decade of delightfully dodgy impulse-control from down under

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  1. It's been 10 years since I started down the slippery slope of handbag collecting, although I had no idea at the time: I was just going to get the ONE amazing handbag ... it took me a surprisingly long time to admit I may have bit of an impulse control problem :P Or was perhaps I was a magpie in a previous life.

    I wanted to commemorate a decade of collecting by taking stock. I hope you guys enjoy looking at some less commonly showcased bags - I am from Australia and there are a fair few Aussie contemporary brands that I wanted to give a shout out to. I also kind of love that my collection ranges from original Etsy designers to Hermes, and is more colourful than even I anticipated.

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  2. Let's start at the very beginning A very good place to start.

    A Guess handbag :graucho: I don't know that I will ever carry it again, but I won't part with it either because I am either sentimental ... or a hoarder.

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  3. My first designer handbag was a Fendi Dr B. I still think she is gorgeous and sunny, but she looks new because she is rarely used. I didn't really need a big stiff patent leather bag but practicality was not a strong consideration in my formative years of bag collecting:rolleyes:

    I soon realised that I was a small handbag person, so she was joined by her two Baguette sisters (one soft pink, one strong orange) and a Selleria lizard embossed WOC ... to make one bright, happy Fendi family

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  4. Love the orange!!
  5. However, in my work I do need something that could carry a 13-inch laptop. I had just joined the workforce, and my spirit was yet un-dulled and vibrant. It met its girly, whimsical match in Spencer and Rutherford, a Australian contemporary brand with a very distinctive style.

    I did lose some of my innocence in the workplace, and my workbags went black for a long time. However I am much happier these days and recently went back to the multicolour patent with emerald green trim. It is easier to match to clothing than you might think, here is me back from work.

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  6. Your Fendi family is so bright! Very warm~~ Waiting to see the rest unfold. Colorful bags makes me very happy. :biggrin:

  7. Spencer and Rutherford also make smaller bags and intricately detailed clutches. I love their use of colour and texture, combining silk, velvet and brocade with richly coloured exotic embossed leather trims.

    Also, if you don't like carrying what everybody else is carrying, all of mine are from their 'Limited Editions' runs of 500.

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  8. Thank you. I love orange and it's my favourite orange (as compared to the Balenciaga Rose Blush and Longchamp Mandarin)
  9. Exactly! That's why I love them.
  10. So I alluded to a 'dark' period in my career where I took on crazy hours and a lot of responsibility, which was quite stressful but paid well. Perhaps reflecting my mood, but more likely because I wanted to be taken seriously, I got a serious bag: a black Mulberry Bayswater.

    I have used it every day for four years. I have REALLY not been very careful with it at all, and the edges are well worn and the leather has softened. Although some leather conditioner gave it back some shine, my husband said it looked tired and recommended I get a new one. I felt really weird about getting another Bayswater in black, like I didn't want to hurt this one's feelings, when she has been so good to me :lol:

    So I got an Oak instead. Compare the Black to the brand new Oak and you can see the effect of regular use and age.

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  11. Amazing collection! I'm loving the commentary too! ️
  12. OMG what an amazing collection. That Hermes bag (canvas with leather trim) is divine!! Do you have a close up of it?
  13. Thank you :blush:
  14. My work used to involve a lot of walking around using my hands (thankfully I could drop off the laptop/big bag in the office). My favourite crossbody work bag is the Rag & Bone Enfield. It's a little bit edgy with its sharp lines and flint like hardware, which matched how I felt about dealing with any workplace wank those days :supacool:

    A breeze to get in and out off but secure enough that nothing embarrassing spills out if I accidentally tip it over. It's quite capacious and has probably the most comfortable strap ever (padded!), which may not seem like that big of a deal until your boss makes you follow him around doing his bidding from 11am to 7pm non-stop without lunch. I pretended to be paged so I could sneak away for an energy bar that I kept in the bag :sneaky:

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  15. These days I still work weekends, but on Saturday mornings I get to sit in my comfy office, unsupervised, and I go out for a long lunch afterwards. So I wanted a versatile bag that was formal enough for work, and casual enough for the weekend. I thought a tote could work but it had to be able to sit securely and close because bags have a tendency to tip over and spill their guts around me...especially in the car, so that I spend ages in uncomfortable contortions picking up small object from smaller spaces. Unfortunately, I find exposed zips on the top edge totes ugly.

    Last but not least, it had to be a bright, happy colour (because working on the weekend is depressing enough) that could work equally well in summer or winter. Kate Spade's Cedar Street Mini Harmony in Blue Celeste was perfect.

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