$67 million dollar pants!

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  1. http://abcnews.go.com/TheLaw/LegalCenter/story?id=3119381&page=1

    This kind of stuff makes me sick! :cursing: $67 million for a pair of stupid pants!!! I hope this gets thrown out of court immediately. Think about the turmoil that the dry cleaners are going through!!!!!! :cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing:
  2. I read this just this morning & was totally disgusted. The fact that this man is a judge is absolutely astounding to me. I hope his a$$ gets disbarred!
  3. That's just ridiculous... :rolleyes:
  4. Some people are so vindictive. That is a ridiculous figure of compensation compared with the $$ for the suit. How many times have a gone out with an outfit I didn't plan to wear because I couldn't find my skirt or whatever. Yes I was angry but I got over it. Obviously this man is still a child. And sorry to generalize, but I assume his salary is much more than the dry cleaners can even imagine.
  5. The guy sounds like a real A$$! They've offered him plenty of money for a stinkin' pair of pants, he's a disgusting human being for trying to destroy their lives.

    I hope he gets flesh-eating virus on his peen.
  6. A person would have to be blind to not see that judge is being vindictive, wow that's awful.
  7. what a dolt. and he's a judge???? how the hell did that happen?
    I hope the dry cleaners counter sue him for millions for being a grade A Jackass!
  8. And the neighbors find this funny??? WTF!

    This is absolutely ridiculous... I'm appalled at the behavior of this man... I can't believe he's a judge... you'd think he'd understand this is a huge waste of time and money!
  9. My blood was boiling as I read the story. This a** of a judge thinks he can use his position as a judge to his advantage and harass the dry cleaners. It's disgraceful that it has got to this stage.

    I hope the dry cleaners are awarded $67 million damages for their emotional distress, legal fees, and whatever else the plaintiff can be found liable for.
  10. I saw this on the news. This guy is a total moron. Buy a new pair!!! cheap bastard!

    some people will fight over the stupidest things...when i was 16 i was a cashier at roy rogers and a customer got nasty with me over a penny...a penny!!!
  11. That's ridiculous.
  12. That is ridiculous! They offered him a ridiculous amount of money for them already, and he's just being a huge @$$ about it. I hate people like that, and I really hope they laugh him out of court.
  13. haha, me too! :roflmfao:
  14. this guy has no consideration or heart...the lady is even wishing she weren't alive and they want to go back to Korea.
  15. thats horrible! if they didn't compensate him, i can understand why he would be upset but they offered him several thousands of dollars for a pair of pants ... he is seriously a disgrace. gets me soo angry! and the neighbors are going to testify against them!? doesn't make sense. he's a wacko