50 and Fabulous!

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  1. O.K. Gals...... Here's the long awaited thread...... 50 and Fabulous!

    50's are the new 40's! So here is the thread where we can shmooze and talk about our latest purchases, our purse problems and the most fashionable way to carry our beautiful Louies. Feel free to share your shopping info and to give tips based on your vast life experience. This should be interesting!
  2. Love this thread.
    Most of the new purses are more handbag than shoulder bags, ie berkley, tivoli. Thinking of Hampstead azur for spring, but not sure if it is a too young look vs the speedy 30 azur ( also almost 60% less)
  3. 52 and Fabulous! I am in good health OK, A FEW POUNDS OVERWEIGHT , WALKING AND WORKING ON IT, , no medications, went thru memapause without any hormones and a few 'hot flashes' , three kids in college now, so I am a little pressed for cash and LV BAGS! but look out IN TWO YEARS AND ALL THE KIDS WILL BE OUT OF COLLEGE.
    I luv my job, I'm a Chemist for 30 years and happily married for 31 1/2 years. Parents healthy and near me and love my kids in my Youth group that I am involved in at my church(13- 17 years old)
    Life is good
    oK, so I am BORING........, BUT I have also enjoyed a few nice LV PIECES IN THE LAST COUPLE OFYEARS-
    Pomme cles,black sulahi wallet ,swapped for my mom's red epi-
    epi speedy 30, montaigne bowling pm in ivory,
    damier pocket agenda
    Damier Chelsea

    oH and i fell in love with LV only about 5 years ago-You gals starting in your twenties ,so luck............., but remember pace yourselves,they will always be around!!:heart::heart::heart:
  4. As far as Azur goes I like it and am not insanely nuts about it. So if I buy an Azur piece it will be the Speedy 30 because it is the most inexpensive of the bags. Also, I don't like the plaque on the bag. We all recognize an LV handbag and I think that the plaque on the front is overkill. It's redundant. There are the actual words 'Louis Vuitton Paris" on some of the little squares. As far as young look goes..... it depends on your style of dress and on your attitude. If the bag looks right on you there is no such thing as too young. One of the great benefits of "our age" is that we know who we are and are not afraid to express ourselves. And hopefully by this age we know what works for us and what does not. There is an amazing sense of freedom in that. Don't you agree?
  5. Hi All!

    I just turned 50 so I get to be in this club. I agree about the little plaque. I think it's just a tad tacky and didn't buy the Berkeley for that reason. I'm also a mom of two in college (one in medical school, one in third year of college) and in the fall I'll have a third in college. I think next year, LV's will be few and far between because I'm a single mom.

    I just bought my first Damier alma and I just love it. Very classy and "grown up looking, LOL!"

    I'm thinking about a Damier Speedy 30, for a more casual daytime look too. I'm a paralegal and work two part-time jobs as well (one playing the piano at a restaurant on Saturday nights and one as a church organist and choir director) so I stay pretty busy.

    It's nice to talk to some "older" LV lovers. I agree that as far as some of the bags, it depends on your attitude and dress. I recently lost 75 pounds, so I'm getting a little braver in what I wear.

    What do you all think of the new vernis cles's - with the name plate on them in script. My daughters pronounced them "tacky," like the other plate, but I love the size of them. What do you all think?
  6. Welcome, charleston-mom. Yes.... 50 gets you admittance to our club! I agree with you on the Damier pattern. It is very elegant and beautiful. I only have mono pieces at this time but would like to add some Damier soon. About the new vernis cles..... I think that LV is catering now to a younger clientelle and I much prefer some of the older established pieces over the new ones. I do like some of the newer pieces, though, among them the Trevi PM (which I am nuts about). But back to the new vernis cles. I think that the straight mono or Damier cles is the most elegant cles. The flashy vernis with the plaque is not something that I would buy or be comfortable using. I think that there are a few new items that are being done especially for the younger woman and that one is one of them. If you are going for understated elegance then I think that mono, Damier, Epi or Suhali are your best bets. Vernis in small doses is o.k. but only in the right situations.

    Anyway... I bet your Damier Alma looks gorgeous on you. And congratulations on losing the 75 pounds. You must be so proud of yourself.
  7. Oh.... and.....

    I personally hate the look of bag charms. I think that things hanging off a handbag cheapens the look of an LV. A Louie is beautiful enough as it stands alone. It doesn't need embellishments. I don't know.... maybe I am alone in this opinion.
  8. My turn to 'fess up. My name is Judy and I am 55. I have been married for 27 years and have a grown son who is 24 and single. He lives in the Pacific Northwest and is doing his "thing" until he gets it all out of his system. We had been paying various and sundry tuition since he was a year old. Day care. Private religious school. Private college. But, he is my pride and joy even if he would choose a ratty old backpack over a new one. He did not inherit my LV or Chanel gene. I am also mom to son's friends and two standard poodles.
    DH and I have been retired for several years, but I was helping a friend part time for the past two years. So, I have learned how to do medical billing and be a companion for a neurotic 70-something (my friend's mother.) I have just given notice, but they still think that means I will work one day a week. What part of "I quit" did they not get?
    Anyway, back to my LVs. I started late in life. After I was 50, so not that long ago. My collection has multiplied in the past 9 months. Red epi alma, ellipse MM (because it was supposed to be discontinued) Damier Hampstead and Azur Berkeley. Not to mention the various pieces DH has accumulated. When I carry a bag with an obvious logo (LV brass plate or Chanel CCs) I always carry that part in rather than facing out. I love the Hampstead because I love totes. I got the Berkeley because I really didn't have a summer bag and I thought the Azur would be good for spring/summer. I didn't see the big brass plate as a blatant LV logo, though. I kind of like the look of it. Unless you really read it, you don't know. And, ladies, who amongst us can really read the small print anymore?? ;)
    this is a fun thread.
  9. I agree on the bag charms, especially hanging a big cles off a bag, LOL!

    I ended up buying the mono cles, plain and old-fashioned, but useful and nice just the same!

  10. i agree! i do love the size, that plate tho... i dunno, its held me back so far!
  11. Hello - Glad to meet all of you. I am 54. Not too tall (5'4") and fairly slim. Married almost 29 years with two children, a daughter, 27, that recently moved to her own place, and a 20 year old son still at home in college. I have always worked fulltime since graduating college.
    My LV habit is rather new - maybe just 2 or 3 years - not quite sure - I originally got into LV because I was purchasing some rather expensive bags and they just were not holding up - (white ones yellowing, leather looking really horrible despite being cared for, styles that were too trendy so that I felt I wasn't getting enough use before they seemed dated). Then I tried LV as I felt most of their styles seemed to stand the test of time.
    Initially, I it got off to a rather poor start as far as my first selections are concerned - but my daughter benefited from my errors - my first piece was a speedy 25 in mono, which sat almost an entire year in my closet without being used as it felt too small, and I have a thing about using mono for work. My second piece, a popincourt haut, was also gifted to her. Then I discovered damier - hit my stride - and branched out from there. Now I find that I love most of my selections so much - that I almost have too many bags - and I find it hard to switch off from one bag that I love to another that needs to be used and would work equally well with a particular outfit/event.
    It is good to know there are some women in my age range here at tpf - as sometimes, even though I appreciate and respect all the advice - I don't want to start looking too young.
    I also have stayed away from anything with the brass plate - like the bags but the plate - not my style. Also LOVED the cloud bags but because of the plate I didn't purchase -
    I do love some of the more discreet charms(eg. pastilles, jack and lucy - not the large hearts as they seem too young and conspicuous) as they add a pop of color to a bag.
    So, maybe you can help me with a recent purchase and a decision to keep/or return it. In order to get in before the price increase I purchased a Suhali Lockit PM in blue. I didn't need any black bags - plus most of my wardrobe is black, white or light grey - so it doesn't make it pop. I loved the white - but I already have 2 white epi pieces and the white Suhali just seemed too elegant for my life style. I felt that I would feel too fancy carrying it. The verone blended too much with my wardrobe colors(even the SA said that with my clothing colors it did not look good). The blue looks nice with my ninety million pairs of black pants and my white tops or my light grey sweaters. During the summer after work/on the weekends I am always wearing black or beige capris with white tops - I thought the Suhali was elegant - but the blue was not as serious a color so it toned down the elegant factor a bit. The bag is just beautiful - I love the leather and workmanship - but I don't want a bag that is either too limiting, too young looking or (since I will only purchase this bag once in my lifetime) one that will go out of style(colorwise). Any input?
  12. I agreee! These charms decreases the beauty and the effect of every bag! Me personally I like the icons and the "older" models of LV bags more then every new bag of LV. I think that in the last years it haven't any really "great bag", which would stay for a long time and will be a new icon of LV. I own 3 Alma's (red, black, Damier), and I loove these bags so much! Very classy, elegant and it's a bag for ever! All the new bags with the pleats I don't like (Tivoli, Trevi, Berkeley MM, and so on), I think they are "oldish", although I'm an older lady from 57. They have never the class of an Alma for me! Or the Madeleine in Epi - that's absolutely an ugly bag for me. But I know, that the taste of everyone is different, and that's ok. But I go back everytime to the classics of LV. From time to time a buy a new bag, but most of them I sell after a few weeks or months, because I don't like them so much like my very loved classics . (My daughter has the same taste like me: she loves the Alma's, Speedies, Noé's most of all bags).
  13. Not there yet, but I love this thread since I just turned 49, okay, well... in october... 50 is the new 30 (I thought)....lol.... and today, anything goes in my opinion...love your posts!
  14. Eveg, I have bought a Suhali Lockit in Verone last week, but I have return it, because of a defectiv finsihing. All the 3 Verone Lockits at the store have had faults. So I exchanged it for e red Epi Alma and a Manhattan PM. I like these 2 bags very much. I had some reservations about the Manhattan because of the golden hardware. I don't like too noticeable bags for me personally. But the Manhattan is such a great bag and absolutely a "older women bag".:p And the Alma goes in every colour for every age, I think.
  15. So you are a "greenhorn" - but maybe you can profit of our experiences! LOL