50 and Fabulous!

  1. We are waiting for you!!:love:
  2. u ladies are fabulous im 30 yrs away from the club but its somthing to look faward too... il see u in 30
  3. okay . . .:s
  4. The Best is Yet to Come!

    Big Eyes
  5. You are so right, atlantique! We have an expression in our country.... If you live long enough you experience everything......

    There are things that have happened in my life that I never expected. But one has to be strong in the face of adversity and get through the hard times. My joys these days include the accomplishments of my children, the support and love of my husband, my job and yes...... my LV handbags. At this stage of my life I feel that I have earned the right to treat myself every so often. Why not? You live once...... right?

    I am happy that you have not had to face breast cancer. It is truly scary and depressing while you are going through the process but after it is finished you have a new sense of what is important in life. I wish all my new friends on tpf good health and longevity so that they can enjoy their profits, as you say.

    By the way my husband is a physician, also.
  6. my mom is 50 I love her too much ;)
    I am sure you gals are as cool as she is
  7. That warms my heart.
  8. I just turned 47 and I think this is a cool thread...I'll be keeping my eyes on you gals...maybe you could start it at 45?? :confused1:
  9. Pamajama,

    Start a thread entitled "Fantastic 40's." You guys deserve to have your own decade. What do you think?
  10. Last evening I was searching around online for some pictures of Audrey Hepburn in her later years, when she was ambassador for UNICEF children. I realized that she was even more beautiful in her 50's and 60's with the lines in her face while she was holding Somalian and Ethiopian starving children in her arms. She approached these starving children and their mothers with such tenderness and respect that I couldn't help but see her inner beauty reflected in her eyes and in her still exquisite face. In her interviews she spoke with such compassion about the plight of the third world countries and I thought ......... Here is a woman who lived an exemplary life, not only did she set standards for elegance but also she set standards for how one can contribute to society on every level. The younger tpf ers may not be familiar with Audrey's work in her later years. They may only know her by the "Speedy" handbag. But she was so much more than that. Her humanitarian efforts make her truly the most amazing and beautiful woman who ever lived. We lost her too young.
  11. Oh... I have been meaning to ask.... how many of you have chopped off your hair because you have reached "the age?" I do not subscribe to the old rules that said that when you reach a certain age you must chop your hair. I have long hair and probably will continue to have long hair for a while. Are you with me?
  12. Come on, Guys! We have to keep this thread going. They have started a 40's and Fabulous thread. Remember who we are..... 50 and Fabulous!!!!!!!! Never forget it.
  13. I have chopped my hair one year ago, but not of the reason of my age, I would have an other style. But now my hairs are a little bit longer and I'm waiting that they will "sprout" very quickly. I'm not a "short hair type" - I ever have had long hairs (blond) when I was young, and I think that my face isn't suitable for short hair. I have a lot of hairs, and I think that they are really beautiful to wear them a little bit longer.
    Enyoy your long hair - I know so many "older" laldies with long hair. I think, as long as the hair is well-groomed it looks fabulous.
  14. What are your favorite bags of LV, ladies? Do you like Mono, Damier, Epi (or others) the most?
  15. I agree with you, atlantique. Well said!