5 inch heels

  1. so, i'm short.

    i want a pair of pretty 5 inch heels.

    can any of u be of help, please?

    thank you!
  2. my only request is that they don't look, for lack of better term, slutty.
  3. For what kind of occasion? If you're going to do a lot of walking I would suggest some kind of platform. Other than that you can't beat the CL Pigalles 120. Such a sexy shoe!
  4. If you've owned/walked in 5" heels before, I would also suggest CL Pigalles 120. They look fantastic. Other than that, your best bet would be something with platforms. I would suggest hidden platforms as they make the shoe look more narrow-ish, and therefore not stripperish.
  5. any kind of CL 120mm!! they are all such fab shoes cant go wrong
  6. Go to a CL boutique and look around. There are many 120mm heels that are SEXY but not slutty
  7. Looking slutty is almost exclusively dependent on what you wear with the 120mm heels. For example, if you want to wear a short dress with them, the dress should have a lot of volume to balance the hemline (think trapeze & babydoll dresses) - leave the body conscious minis and 120mm heels to the gentlemen's club and Victoria Beckham.

    Stores like Wet Seal and Forever 21 sometimes have cute, cheap 4-5inch heels if you want a pair to throw around.
  8. HAHA. God that poor woman has no taste. Not to mention rock-hard implants.
  9. :tup:Just looking at these they are really high 14cm, but walking in them thats a different story.

  10. I would probably topple forward in those!
  11. Did you ever get the shoes?
  12. I only do 4" and wear them frequently. I won't do any higher.
  13. Wow! I give kudos to anyone who can walk in 5 inch heels!