2nd Chanel: Beige Claire or Black M/L flap?

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  1. I am planning to take the bullet and purchase my second Chanel before the price increase! I already own a Jumbo in black caviar with GHW for running errands and shopping..its my weekend bag. I am now planning to purchase a M/L for more special occasions.

    I have two bags in mind and will only be purchasing one of the two (this is possibly my last Chanel before I move on to saving up for a Hermes birkin or kelly):

    Black M/L in Lambskin with GHW
    Beige Claire M/L in Lambskin with GHW.

    I know that it is easy for beige claire to get colour transfer but I am planning to use this bag for special occasions and sometimes for shopping.
    Is it really that easy for colour get onto the bag? Is it easy to remove the colour transfer?

    The reason why I want a lambskin and not a caviar for this second bag is because I already own a caviar in jumbo and I can't stop thinking about the buttery feeling of lambskin. Hence, it HAS to be a lambskin. :P

    I have always wanted a black in m/l because it is so classy (but quite common)! Is having two black flaps too much?
    I have also recently taken a liking for beige claire because it is so feminine! :heart:
    Should I choose the beige clair this time since i already have the black in jumbo?
  2. I would choose the Beige claire m/l because you already have a black jumbo. It's good to have different colors since you don't own a beige yet.

    I have a beige claire in jumbo caviar and I never had any trouble with color transfer. Good luck in your decision!
  3. Beige Claire.... More color variety and spring/summer variation....
  4. definitely the beige :smile: it's going to my next chanel as well
  5. Beige! I have one and it's buttery beautiful!
  6. Is colour transfer an issue for your bag?
    Is yours a caviar or lambskin? :smile:
  7. Def beige claire since you already have a black. :]
  8. Beige Clair! I find that beige actually goes with more things than black... it'll look good with dark AND light (colourful) clothes whereas black wouldn't look good with say.. a pink floral dress.
  9. I am in exactly the same situation as you. Please let me know what you decide.
  10. I say beige too, it's a lovely color & so versatile
  11. Another vote for beige Claire
  12. i would go with beige clair too!
  13. I think Beige Clair in Caviar with GHW will be great if you want to be worry free. ;)
  14. +1. Or what about red? I personally much prefer red to beige. Less worries about color transfer and very chic!
  15. Beige Clair !