2nd Bbag, EB City! :D And I can't decide what to get next! D:

  1. Got my EB city yesterday at BalSG! :biggrin:

    Here it is! (:
    I love this bag! :love:

    And for my next purchase! I need to get a black bbag that i'll be using for school this year! And I really can't decide which style to get it in! D: I initially wanted the city, then I saw this gorgeous black step at BalSG with really nice leather yesterday that I can't get out of my mind. :s but don't think that will be a good bag for school! D: (I almost got this step instead of my eb city yesterday!) then I saw many PFers with really nice day bags, and thought that style would be good for school. Also considering the courier now! Gosh, I can't decide between this 4 styles!! D: I'll be lugging a laptop to school, but mine's a sony vaio which is really small, it's only 11 inches and about 1 kg and definitely able to fit into all 4 styles. I'm so fickle, please advice me fellow PFers! Thank you! (:
  2. your EB city is gorgeous! i'm waiting for my package to arrive from balNY tomorrow... it's an EB city too! looking at yours makes me happy that i got it too.

    as for the next purchase... i like the city style a lot, why do you think it will not be a good bag for school? have you considered the work? its slightly bigger and will be able to fit your notebook and whatnots as well as your laptop. i feel like if you get the day, your papers might get crumpled up because it doesn't have as much of a shape as say the city or step. so if i had to choose, i'd pick the city first, then the step, courier and day.

    let us know what you get!
  3. Congrats on your gorgeous EB City!! As far as a bag for school - I second the work!!
  4. love your EB city!! this color seems to have the best leather for this season :yes:

    i use my cities for school, and i'm an art student so i usually have alot of crap... i feel like sometimes a work would be much better, but it's really nice to have the shoulder strap. i would choose either the city or work, probably the work, for school. maybe even the brief.
  5. Thanks! I'm sure your EB city will be gorgeous too! :biggrin:

    The city is my favourite style but I was thinking of getting other styles, I love the step but there's no shoulder strap although I can carry it on my shoulder though. I'll probably put my notes in a file then into my bag, so no worries about papers getting crumpled, however is the day able to fit A4 sized file? D:
  6. Love your EB city! The leather is almost exactly like mine! I've noticed the leathers among all the eb cities I've seen have been very consistent, it's a good sign.
  7. Such a gorgeous intense blue. Congrats. Have you thought of a part time for your school bag?
  8. CoutureObsessed and verty, I was considering the work until I saw it yesterday at BalSG and I found it too big. D:
  9. I have an EB RH City too, and I love it! Yours is very vibrant and gorgeous! I'm so happy for you! As for school, for fall I'm saving up for a work. It is bigger than the city and still has the look of the city...just bigger! I feel like the day and courier wouldn't be too great of a bag for school, especially if you're carrying around papers, notebooks, and your laptop. I have a Sony Vaio too but mine sounds a little bigger than yours--Mine is 17 inches. But the work would be a great option; that way you can even switch between your city and a work some days! HTH!
  10. Your EB City is gorgeous :drool: Congrats!
  11. pandabear, thank you! :biggrin: the other eb cities at BalSG had nice leather too. (:

    ronsdiva, I didn't consider a part time as I don't really like that style. D:
  12. Beautiful!! Congrats on your EB!! :smile:

    As for your next bag :graucho:, I think the Courier might be a good choice for school, carrying books/laptop/etc.
  13. purplewithenvy, I'm afraid if I get the work, my laptop might flop around as I won't fill up the space! D: haha, I think the city size would be perfect for my school, but I love the other styles as well!
  14. ChiChi143, thank you! (:

    Jira, Thanks. (: I considered the courier because I could wear it over the shoulders so it's convenient but I'm not sure about this style as I've never seen it IRL. D:
  15. forgreens have you tried filling your city up with all of your school items you would carry around on a normal day? Is it too heavy or too full? Its so weird how one style can work for one person and not do anything for someone else! Good luck!