28 Birkin??? Not HAC

  1. Has anybody heard of the Birkin being available in 28? I heard that it was supposed to have been introduced last year. Anybody? Thanks!!!
  2. shopmom was asking that the other day. and there's a thread started on this topic. let me find it.....
  3. Nope. Anything 28cm will be a HAC. There is the new 25cm Birkin, then 30cm and so on. :smile:
  4. it's in this thread :

    28 HAC

    i hope this is helpful.
  5. it is indeed a HAC, not a birkin...
  6. Thanks Pazt and GT!
  7. I've seen it called a "Baby Birkin" -- to me, it looks like a Birkin that's gone through the washing machine and shrunken. Too small - IMHO.
  8. 28cm HAC is a great size! It's bigger than a 28cm Kelly, holds a lot, but doesn't look bulky. I like it:flowers:
  9. Is the Baby Birkin the 25? I saw one in orange suede once and it was cute! :nuts: Are they even more difficult to find than the other sizes?
  10. most of the 25 birkins are in lizard or suede. i did see one time an orange croc with GH in this size. super gorgeous (and am sure mush less expensive croc than a 30 or 35).....
  11. Yes the Baby Birkin is the 25. IMO very elegant and cute.
  12. Hi girls.. the 28 cm is a HAC (tall proportioned Birkin), meaning the handles are much shorter than on a Birkin.. and the profile is "taller". jsut like the 32cm HAC.
    The 25 cm is made not just in exotic skins but in every type of leather and color pretty much.. it's really cute! I wear them when I want a small bag, but it still fits a LOIT more than a 32 or 35 rigide Kelly. And fits more than a Trim, or a Constance, I can get even more things in it than my Balenciage le Dix. It's a super size! And less $$ than the 30s!
  13. *sigh* I really, really want a 25. :yes: Thanks so much for the info!!!:flowers:
    Do you know approx. how much a 25 would be in Togo or Clemence? :love:
  14. Hi crochetbella! I think I paid a little over $ 7000 for one retail.. the exotics I got and ordered through my favorite sellers...
  15. Thanks Lucy! I know the suede one I saw at H in SF was something like $7600 or so. OK, I think this is on my "must find" list! :lol: