2010 spring-summer pre collection Clutch, to keep or not to keep?

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  1. so did u pick out the fuschia one? cuz its GORRRRGEOUSSS!!!!

    oops, sorry u did say u got it in black.. but the link u show seems like a timeless clutch..
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  3. Sorry but I am confused too. They look the same. Are you saying the 10P clutch is Lamb and the classic is caviar?
  4. sorry if I confused you:smile:, the one I just bought is the 10P clutch in black lambskin (and yes this collection comes in fuschia as well as black), that's why it's a little confusing, I would assume. There is a slight difference in the mouth of clutch (sorry for putting it this way:P I am thinking of exchanging it to classic clutch in black lambskin, oh well..let see if I can post pics of her, give me a couple of minutes..
  5. I saw the 10P clutuch and I prefer the classic one!
  6. Okay I found a better pic of the 10P I see it now. It is the closure. I prefer the classic!
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    thanks Speedbird & Mommy, I am now determined to get the classic instead, and uh..sorry about taking soooo long to take the pic, hope it's working now

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  8. I agree . . . I prefer the timeless
  9. I prefer the timeless as well but the fuchsia color is simply gorgeous.
  10. prefer classic too. not liking the rim/frameless 10P.
  11. yep..just called NM and spoke to another SA, she'll have my SA to call me back as soon as she's available , can't wait to get good news about the classic, hopefully I don't have to wait too long, thanks all! appreciate all your comments and advises.:tup:
  12. Hi ladies,

    I have a question about the clutch. When would one use the clutch? Out to a dinner? Do you have to wear something nice and elegant with it?

  13. Hi Ladies.I was under the impression that the 10P is the new design of the timeless clutch.......maybe not???..the code would be 00V then?? I have 3 timeless clutches........they can go anywhere.........love them for the Theatre, dinner............great for weddings..........Timeless is the best word!!!
  14. I prefer the timeless clutch :smile: