2 Carat Diamond Tiffany e-ring or full gold rolex watch? What would you do?

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Which would you choose?

  1. Full gold rolex watch

  2. Tiffany 2ct diamond e-ring

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  1. i'm 21
    and i think i am getting a bit caught up
    what i think i will do is start saving now for my dream rolex.... which could change i guess over the years but save up until my 30th , then i could treat myself for my 30th and hopefully saving should be a breeze then, in comparison.
    i was under the impression that i was one of the few who couldn't , i felt so out of place here. i dream of the full gold rolex and i thought i was being realistic , but the truth is i think i'm not really

  2. We have near 500,000 members here. . . . my bet is that 495-498,000 of them don't have these things. None of this is "common" or "average".
  3. swanky is so right this forum distorts the reality very easily. just rememer on here you will find a miniscule representation of the worlds women and most of the posters on here are in a better financial situation than most and even then of the purseforums total number of members you will find an even smaller group of women with full gold watches and 4 ct plus rings

    as swanky and i said it is very easy to be cought up in this when you only read specific posts

    i do not know you or your background or anything maybe you can afford all your hearts desire maybe you just have a dream (and it is good to have them or a goal) whatever it is this forum offers help,suggestions ,cheers ,sometimes relitychecks and so much more but in the end it is your life and you must decide what you really want/need and if you can afford it.

    i say why don´t you just go (like others suggested) to your nearest jeweller or watchdealer and see for yourself how these items look in real life. maybe you love them maybe they suit you but maybe you fall for something different or nothing at all.

    then plan accordingly to what really makes your heart sing

    but do not put too much pressure on yourself it is not worth to loose sleep over these things.

    whatever you do i wish you all the happiness and may you always be blessed with everything you need and some wants too! ;):smile:
  4. ^ Exactly!! I am almost 50 and I do not and probably will never have a full gold Rolex. I have a two tone I got about 10 years ago. For me, having a house and a family first are way more important than these items.
  5. i guess i was trying to live in la la land lol
    i will save for them, but it will probably take years longer than i would like to imagine
    and i have to say i could hug you right now for the pics of the split shank rings !!! omg im in love, bye bye tiffanys my heart is set on something like those, i dont care where it's from if it's that gorgeous and sparkly!!! really thank you!

  6. Totally agree :smile: with the above comments !
  7. :cutesy:
  8. awww your comments really made me think and feel more relaxed. i'm always going to dream of the full gold rolex but it can wait . it's true
    i think i'm just seeing the stunning purchases here and getting caught up and creating this idea which is so unrealistic.but i'm ok with it, now im back on earth lol
    maybe one day, but not right now . if i save until im in my 30's i can decide on something luxurious then. :smile: thanks everyone
  9. such a lovely comment, thank you for that :biggrin:

  10. I will also agree with how the majority of this site's members are not "average" income folks. Some are very very lucky and wealthy and others are more mainstream average and have saved well to earn what they own. Sites like this and seeing the vast range of luxuries that some folks have really do skew the brain a great deal. My ring is above average, for both my age and income, but definitely not for this site. And until I had to repurchase a new ring after theft, I had no real grasp just how much it really did cost and how many 0s were after that first number! It's hard to see folks with more than you and to be inundated every day from every angle with the excesses of celebrity. It really is the best advertising, because we want what they have.
  11. If you're new to jewelry and only 21, engaged and looking to start a future, don't get wrapped up in overpriced over the top jewelry. Really, where are you going to wear a full gold rolex? Unless you lead a very lavish lifestyle I can't imagine the average person with that. I have a stainless rolex my husband gave me on my 30th birthday. But barely wear it since I'm a stay at home mom and it doesn't fit with my everyday attire. I prefer to buy stuff I can wear, even just to the grocery.

    I would say save your money for a house, car, college, etc but look at nice jewelry and watches that you can buy and enjoy now. Avril isn't even married anymore and I bet her set was just a top in the bucket for her. Don't save for years just to wear what a celeb does. Get something nice now that you can afford.
  12. The e-ring! Diamonds go up in value and it's always nice to have some bling to look at everyday!
  13. Go for the watch!
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    Last edited: Oct 17, 2010
    I would go 1ct e-ring and stainless steel rolex (or maybe two tone if you like that). I would love a solid rose gold rolex myself, but I'm so happy and content with my stainless steel one that I really don't care in the end... Good luck!

    Oh, and unless you're SO incredibly stuck on Tiffany's, I would consider finding a beautiful 1ct ring at a regular jewelry store, Tiffany doesn't particularly make their own diamonds, you CAN find a beautiful stone at other less expensive jewelers.... You could probably spend $15,000 or less and wind up with a stainless steel rolex AND a beautiful 1ct engagement ring.
  15. I'm a stay at home mum too, so i will take this advice.. i'm looking into the 2 tone at the moment.
    :smile: I think i will get something similar to her's just not so expensive ... and if i happen to have the money in the far away future get the full gold rolex then IF i havent already got the 2 tone and fallen in love with it